Adam Schiff Nukes RAT Party Disinformation Campaign - Agrees Document Must Be Redacted

February 13, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - - In a near shocking admission this morning at the Christian Science Monitor’s “breakfast club,” Adam Schiff [D-CA] admitted what the president and his House colleagues have been saying; that the Democrat highly partisan version of the Nunes memo cannot be released because it contains highly classified information that should remain secret, to protect sources, methods etc.

The story was broken by the Daily Caller, piercing the heart of the Democrat’s ongoing operation to hamper President Trump as he executes his duties.

“California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff confirmed that his party’s memo needed to be scrubbed for sources and methods. This directly contradicts House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the delay was President Donald Trump attempting a cover-up. Schiff criticized former President Barack Obama’s lack of response to cyber warfare.” [source, Richard Pollock, Adam Schiff Confirms Democratic Memo Contains ‘Sources and Methods’ , Daily Caller, also see Nunes Memo Verbatim as well as, Grassley Memo Vol. II: Obama And Hillary Paid To Spy On Trump And Associates - J'accuse - Entire Obama Administration Implicated ]

Schiff’s admission is proving very troublesome for Democrat lawmakers who have been pushing the canard that its version of the Nunes Memo further “implicated” Team Trump because so far the president has refused to release it, given the highly classified information that it contains.

It is common knowledge now that the Democrat’s purposely placed sensitive Intel information into their “version” of the Nunes memo so that Trump would be forced into nixing its release, thereby giving them another opportunity to push the Trump “obstruction of justice” narrative. For an almost comical MSM treatment of the manner we refer the reader to [Robert Schlesinger, Transparent Hypocrisy , U.S. News And World Report].

In a closely related story, the reliably hard left Northeast Public Radio website posted the following:

“Democrats argue that it doesn't matter that Democrats underwrote a portion of Steele's research or that Steele himself was anti-Trump: "Nothing about the source of Steele's funding or his later opinions about Donald Trump speak to the credibility of his work, or its inclusion in the FISA application," as Nadler put it . In the public square, however, that obviously does matter. Steele's paycheck was partisan, his sympathies were against Trump, and he told the Justice Department as much.” [source, Phillip Ewing, The Russia Investigations: Democrats Try To Counterattack But Lose A Key Weapon , WMAC]

With party heavyweights Pelosi and Nadler thus having been undercut by one the RATS most effective talking heads, Adam Schiff, cracks in the monolithic party line, the once confident Dem lefties are having to reassess their chances of capturing the House and Senate in November.

This will probably be the only time we say this but thank you Mr. Schiff you appear to have torpedoed your party’s nefarious disinformation campaign.

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