Globalist Deep State’s Predation Is Endemic Across The Entirety Of Western Civilization

February 13, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - – This author recently published a book entirely devoted to explaining in detail the origins and existential threat posed by the Deep State. Since we continue to believe that analysis constitutes definitive proof of the thesis, we feel that providing readers with a snapshot might provide a good segue into today’s topic.

“Though on our lips now for what might seem like forever - but of late with increasing frequency - come whispers of a concept alien to this society…to the West, the Deep State.

Grasping for understanding, we should avoid the classical social rebel’s meme of the “establishment,” which though still largely a creature of the left, fails to present the requisite united front as a battering ram. So no, the Deep State isn’t just a sub-rosa element of the powers that be. Rather, it’s a highly organized, ideologically consistent, revolutionary entity that at the moment is engaged in a soft-coup - for now - an effort to overturn the will of the electorate that spoke loudly on November 8.

An agent in the forced rending of our traditional past, the Deep State can only be seen as the embodiment of an existential threat. In this sense it should be seen as being un-American rather than anti-American; it subverts from within, a traitor, not an invader.

It is massive structurally, consisting of a network of supremely arrogant, highly intelligent and very powerful embedded senior level government employees as well as elite institutions and their leaders who justify their behavior through a process of reasoning that conflates ends and means, creating a “unity of opposites,” a term that is entirely consistent with the Marxist dialectic, regardless of whether its practitioners are aware of it by that name or not.

The utopia these people seek to impose on all is the product of cleverly subducting American traditionalism and its driving moral imperatives, Judaism and Christianity.

The core strength [and hence danger] of the Deep State lies in its ability to terraform the information that flows through the nodal gateways that dot the information transmission architecture of the West.

As societal ideological levers, that which gives autocratic elites the ability to present what are assumedly the pertinent and uncontested facts and data-points concerning a matter are the coin of the realm. That they work according to a common

playbook relieves the need of the components to coordinate activities across the entire spectrum of the information battle-space. This also has the side and very powerful benefit of decoupling or camouflaging the individuals and organizations that are driving a narrative from any appearance of involvement.

Voila…instant and plausible deniability.

Though the corpus of beliefs, customs, laws, history and the many other elements that come together to form the trademark of a free society represent a massive amount of inertia against revolutionary change, it cannot prevent the glacially slow but nonetheless corrosive effect of a society that has become the classic, ‘house divided against itself.’” [source, W. August Mayer, excerpt from, Uncle Joe, FDR and the Deep State, PipeLineMedia]

That said, allow us to explore the international nature of “project” Deep State because what has been allowed to occur here in the United States is simultaneously happening across the Continent [less so in Eastern Europe] but of particular note today, what is happening in what is arguably America’s truest ally, Israel.

For some time now Benjamin Netanyahu has been under relentless attack by lefty members of the country’s law enforcement establishment seeking to pin a charge of graft on the PM.

Though the police have been presented as the public face of this particular Deep State operation, it is the country’s incredibly left leaning courts that are and have been, driving the attempted putsch, with no sector of society being spared.

Leading the charge, as has been the case increasingly and for decades, Israel’s version of the Supreme Court has openly been legislating from the bench. So bad is the interference and obvious threats to democracy that if one is asked who the leader of the Jewish state is, it might be more correct to point to the high court, since it singlehandedly is now making most of the major decisions rather than the Knesset.

The phenomenon was not missed by the late jurist Robert Bork, whose book “Coercing Virtue” was reviewed as follows:

"Bork's most interesting…chapter is his attack on the Israeli Supreme Court and its leader, Aharon Barak, [about whom]…"has set a standard for judicial imperialism that can probably never be surpassed, and, one devoutly hopes, will never be equaled elsewhere."

As with Canada's courts, the Israeli courts have proceeded largely unhindered by significant doctrinal limitations as to when they can take cases and reach even the most basic political issues. As a result, Bork points out, the Court has entered into such fraught areas as the balance between secular and religious Israelis and issues of national security.” [source, Paul Horowitz, A Conspiracy of Judges?]

As the author notes, Israel is not alone, mentioning similar lack of judicial restraint in Canada, when it comes to Western high courts in general [doubly so in Europe’s Marxist driven “World Court”] simply ignoring the classical separation of powers doctrine.

Before the Deep State went public during the last election cycle, the high-handed methods of Israel’s high court were viewed in isolation. Now however we can clearly contextualize and thus understand that the battle to retain functioning republican democracies is occurring in every Western country, making it perhaps our most serious existential threat.

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