Fallen Star Trey Gowdy Quits Congress, Outed As Corrupt DOJ Firewall

The Memo Heard ‘Round The World


February 1, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - What is it exactly that caused Congressman Trey Gowdy [R-SC] to quit Congress while attacking the chair of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes [R-CA] suggesting that he is grandstanding?

Many are asking that question in and around DC and the I-95 corridor…when the answer should be obvious; Gowdy’s a scheming fraud who knows that he’s burned one too many bridges in the Trump revitalized GOP…as this writer noted in a June 2016 piece, “ Total Fail: Gowdy Benghazi Report a Congressional Whitewash Holding No One to Accoun t.”

“We had great hopes when the House leadership seemingly capitulating, ended John Boehner’s stonewalling [ass covering] on the matter, and formed the House Select Committee on Benghazi .

Subsequently it became apparent that our faith in “the process” was Pollyannaish…we should have known better. The just issued 800 page report is evidence of that misplaced trust and reveals Committee Chair Gowdy to be what we have come to expect from the GOP, a sanctimonious fraud, running a sham investigation.”

In his brief time in the spotlight, Gowdy has proven to be worse than useless, trying to create the appearance that he was some kind of crusading prosecutor, when in reality he has been working at cross-purposes with his carefully curated but fraudulent [and media enhanced, thank you Fox] image, serving unseen globalist masters.

In DC few are given a second chance to make good after chairing a disaster like the House Select Committee on Benghazi but Gowdy was that singular exception which the Congressman quickly dynamited with his high profile, showboat criticism of “fellow” Republican Devin Nunes as Mr. Nunes refuses to capitulate to the Deep Staters in the Justice Department.

For those not paying close attention as this issue continues to roll out, Nunes appears to be one of the very few real heroes left in the increasingly schizoid capitol of the Free World, hanging tough in his effort to #ReleaseTheMemo, a 4 page document said to be so damning that it is in effect conclusive, prima facie proof that the attempted coup against President Trump that even many on the so-called right have called an absurd conspiracy theory, exists…in spades.

To his credit Nunes [ably supported by Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz] has been playing his cards very close to the vest because he knows that the memo in question might well constitute the kill-shot for business as usual in one of the most corrupt cities on the planet, with many key players in Obama’s elaborate putsch already lawyering up.

So we find it unremarkable, that shortly after Gowdy publicly clashed with Rep. Nunes [charging him, in an act that could redefine the word chutzpah, with showboating…“I’m interested in getting access to the information and not the drama.”] Mr. Gowdy, realized that he had misread Nunes’ tenacity and has chosen instead to retire from Congress rather than face another public drubbing, since it now seems certain that Nunes will succeed in freeing what well might be the “memo heard ‘round the world.”

Key takeaway? DC is like Wonderland, most everything you see is not as it appears; but not so the case with Trey Gowdy, he has been outed as a Deep State shill, perhaps the Swamp’s least likely firewall which now appears to be, like his short, sorry Congressional career, in tatters.

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