Google CEO Pichai Lies His Ass Off During Congressional Testimony

December 13, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - - On December 11, Pichai Sundararajanalso known as Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, testified before the House Judiciary Committee where he proceeded to lie his ass off for 3 ½ hours.

During the session Pichai, an engineer who became the company’s CEO 3 years ago, denied that any political bias exists at the world’s largest search engine [and recipient of nearly half of web-based advertising revenue] despite being confronted with internal communication to the contrary.

Arguably the most intense questioning was by Jim Jordan [R-IN] who read from a November 9, 2016 Google email authored by the company’s Head of Multicultural Marketing, Eliana Murillo, where she stated that Google had made an effort to get out the Latino vote during the presidential election, partnering with groups, “like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states…”

In response, Pichai portrayed himself as being unaware of Ms. Murillo despite her observing that, “even Sundar gave our effort a shout-out.”

When questioned about the discrepancy, the CEO said that he was unfamiliar “directly” with Murillo’s work.

Denying repeatedly that Google was politically biased in any way, he was reminded that he was in attendance at a company function, post Hillary’s loss, where employees seemed nearly suicidal at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

The more that Pichai played stupid [at a cool $200M a year compensation package, chump change actually to the monstrously influential company] the more it became apparent that the charges levied against the Alphabet companies are true, to the point of tautological certitude.

It must be remembered that Pichai’s appearance was forced really and not voluntary, coming against a backdrop of refusing to appear 3 weeks previous at another Committee meeting and a growing mountain of evidence of Google’s vindictive globalist war against conservative/traditionalist/nativists.

As we noted here yesterday, according to an investigative piece , Breitbart is charging that Google engaged in discussions regarding how to deny the conservative website its ad-generated revenue upon the claim that it was engaged in spreading “hate speech.”

Caught dead to rights in a series of electronic communications that were leaked exclusively to the news organization, the ad-hoc group of senior level Google employees operated under a working group entitled “Resist” who combed the Breitbart site in search of something, anything that could reasonably be labeled prohibited speech.

Commencing what was obviously a longer discussion, we have David Richter:

“Anyone want to hold their nose and look through for hate speach?” [sic]

It seems pretty clear that from the outset the assumption had already been made, that Breitbart is a purveyor of “hate speech” and that the “defendant” will be convicted, of course after a fair trial…

“Hate is really difficult since writers have become very artful in demeaning other groups without being explicit about it. That said, do review breitbart pages against our hate policies and have stopped showing ads on policy violating pages we've found. We're working to improve our ability to do this at scale. When sufficient violations have been found we'll take action at the site level.”

Actually, the appearance was really a form of bad Kabuki; Google has been repeatedly found to not only be highly biased but has engaged in the type business practices that are the hallmark of renegade monopolistic corporate giants.

For example:

“An investigation by the FTC found Google to be engaged in activities involving the illegal manipulation of search results to favor its own products, scraping content from other websites without any provision allowing those with objections to opt-out, and imposing restrictions that prevent portability of search advertising campaigns across AdWords and other platforms.[source, Real Clear Politics ]

Additionally, no one who seriously covered Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns would be unaware of the tremendous amount of technical assistance and advice provided by then Google CEO Eric Schmidt who then went on to form a company, using the bones of Obama’s war room to create Civis Analytics driven a hefty grant of over a million dollars to get the ball rolling.

And who could forget Schmidt barnstorming for Obama in the closing weeks of the election?

The sad truth is that in DC much of what happens in public is show bizz for morons who think having someone like Pichai testify to a group of tech illiterates means anything, but sometimes it does provide a bit of punctuation to a very long chain of evidence, in this case rendering moot the question regarding the nature of Google, which is of course truly evil.

Everything about the company reeks of limousine Marxism in keeping with the heart of darkness that is Silicon Valley.

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