Is This How It Ends?


August 24, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - In viewing the developments over the last week or so, one can invoke just about every hackneyed - end of the world as we know it - phrase regarding the continually expanding “Mueller probe” and still fail to quantify the extent of damage being done to the American concepts of liberty, freedom, limited government and a system of jurisprudence that applies equally to everyone.

The latest development?

Global financial lending institutions including the “big two” credit card companies MasterCard and Visa [ Visa has denied the charges to Breitbart ] are apparently leveraging their considerable power to join the war against the American right that has been declared by social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Google/Alphabet, YouTube, etc.

According to credible stories, Visa and MasterCard have been refusing to process contributions to organizations that have been blacklisted by the Fascists at the Southern Policy Law Center . Even murkier, some banks appear to be following a similar strategy quietly denying credit for purchases of firearms as well a diving deeply into what their customers purchase history has been.

Even the mighty NRA with over 6 million members has been informed by First National Bank of Omaha , that the financial giant will no longer issue NRA credit cards. NRA officials are also concerned that the companies that insure the organization's considerable assets are applying similar pressure.

This is the oddest form of fascism that this author has chanced upon during a lifetime of right leaning activism, in that rather than the government controlling and directing the activities of private companies, it is the unelected Deep State power structure that is working behind the scenes to enforce a conformity of thought that would have been beyond the belief of a Mussolini…or Orwell for that matter.

Big Brother need not lock undeclared enemies of the state in rat infested cages when they can simply and vindictively shut off lines of credit…or even utilities if one becomes too big a pain in the ass.

A local DA, or worse, a hostile state Attorney General can bring a fraudulent case against just about anyone or organization so devastatingly that merely mounting a defense becomes a sentence to perpetual poverty in trying to pay back legal fees despite the fact that no law was broken.

With the President of the United States increasingly becomes preoccupied with simply defending his agenda, administration, family, acquaintances and personal holdings against a totally out of control “pretend legal” witch hunt, how can a mere citizen expect even a modicum of liberty without constantly looking over their shoulder?

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