New Jersey Moves To Subsidize Leftist Media

August 8, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - – The New Jersey state government is one pen stroke away from being the first in the United States to formally subsidize the leftist media in a plan developed jointly between the governor’s office and a number of local universities.

As The Hill has reported:

“New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is approving a bill [note: according to source, the governor has not yet signed this particular bill] that dedicates $5 million to strengthen local media outlets in the state. The state legislature passed the "Civic Info Bill" late last month, according to news website . The bill created the Civic Information Consortium — a unique nonprofit developed with five universities - to promote the spread of news and information throughout the state. The bill was conceived by the Free Press Action Fund , an advocacy group on media issues

The effort is led by The College of New Jersey,Montclair State University, theNew Jersey Institute of Technology, Rowan University and Rutgers University. The consortium will share the $5 million with local news organizations, emphasizing "underserved communities, low-income communities and communities of color," the Free Press Action Fund said.” [source, Morgan Gstalter, NJ governor to sign bill dedicating $5M to help local media , emphasis added]

Though it should go without mention, the New Jersey Legislature is disproportionately Democrat, with 25 RATs and 15 GOPers in the Senate and 55 RATs and 26 Republicans in the Assembly.

Aside from the constitutional questions involved [which are substantial] in a lopsided subsidization by states of leftist media sources New Jersey has been repeatedly cited as having the most corrupt state government in America. So we have a situation where public monies will be filtered through various organizations, meaning the chance of having some of it siphoned off by the usual bosses is nearly 100%.

Mind you, though New Jersey is heavily Democrat [2.1M] the size of the GOP voter base [1.25M] is too large to ignore, though that indeed is what has happened in the state for decades.

Procedural and legal issues aside what does this bode for the direction of American media? With its newspapers in a death spiral this leaves the already ill-educated electorate wholly dependent on a media environment that [if New Jersey’s gambit passes constitutional review - doubtful] will be “curated” by the new official censors who will joyfully welcome in a thoroughly Stalinized media.

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