CA Assemblywoman Cervantes Refuses To Defend Intrusion Into Doctor Patient Relationship

April 24, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - California Right To Life News - We recently became aware of a piece of proposed California legislation, AB 2943 , that could tremendously expand the scope of the state’s already considerable interference in the doctor-patient relationship.

Already the bright lights in the Democrat controlled CA Legislature have made it actionable [under a bizarre construction of “consumer protection”] for a mental health professional to even suggest to a minor patient who is troubled about same-sex attraction to seek some form of ameliorative therapy.

But now AB2943 will threaten medical personnnel with potential revocation of their license to practice if they offer this kind of kind of advise not only to minors but to any adult residing in the state, even if they desperately want to explore alternative options for dealing with same sex attractions.

Concerned about the negative ramifications of this bill, we contacted the office of Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes [D-Corona] one of the legislation’s primary sponsors to that effect, in this case addressing the inquiry to Ms. Cervantes media attaché Paco Torres:

“Mr. Torres

Would like to discuss AB 2943, especially as it relates to the wisdom/lack thereof of the state telling physicians how to practice. The question I would raise is pretty simple, is this bill actually intended to aid people who may be uncomfortable with their sexuality, or is it merely servicing a particularly loud minority within the gay/lesbian community - as u know the lesbian/gay community is not monolithic.

“Evidence across various research studies has shown individuals who express same sex attractions have significantly higher rates of suicide than individuals who strictly express opposite sex attraction...”

Since this is a deeply personal matter, it would seem that the less interference placed between a troubled patient and their psychiatrist the better. The other question that occurs to me is what if for instance, a person w same sex attraction is deeply troubled about it and wants to explore possible behavior modification, why wouldn’t that be their right? Turn this process in the reverse, a heterosexual person is feeling opposite sex attraction and wants to explore that lifestyle in consultation with his doctor[s].”

We were not especially surprised by the reluctance of one of the bill’s cheerleaders to speak to our concern because Sacramento is a one-party town. The capital of California run by what some have called the “Mexican mafia” i.e., a disproportionately large number of “Hispanic” politicians, aides, lobbyists and interest groups who have fully signed on to the hard left principle of cultural warfare, and to these people public accountability is not something with which they are particularly comfortable with.

“Thank you for reaching out. Our office does not have any comment on AB 2943.”


Easy, Ms. Cervantes is an empty headed, inexperienced [sanctuary state supporting] little creature of the left. She is being groomed for higher office by Sacto’s “Big Cigars,” and cranking out legislation that helps to destroy not only the doctor-patient relationship but more seriously the parental right to provide moral teaching to their children is the way one advances under the new regime.

You have been warned.

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