Creating Narratives Misusing Statistical Data

April 9, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - To those who have read my recently published books, Uncle Joe, FDR and the Deep State and especially it’s predecessor, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West some of what follows touches on themes more fully developed therein, but hopefully this posting will provide some additional clarity.

Just released today a Reuters IPSOS poll indicates that the GOP may be in for heavy weather this coming November…if the trends hold that is.

The poll is, as are nearly all media surveys, defective from a number of standpoints:

One - those in the sample were contacted via telephone and given the current technology that would mean only those who remain wedded to the now almost antique notion of land line communication. The rapidly burgeoning number of people who use only their mobile phones are never factored in. This is a huge, insurmountable difficulty and it's at the base of a defective methodology.

Two - only “adults” were sampled, demonstrably the least valid way of taking the pulse of the electorate. Accurate polls need to be “weighted” to represent what the real electorate will look like in, sometime two, often four years in the future, a tall order. Therefore sampling either “registered voters” or better yet, “registered voters likely to cast a ballot” cannot help but be more representative of the mood of the nation at any particular time.

Three - of the 60,000 surveyed, 15% were over 60, a huge weighting error. If we accept Reuters’ logic on this point, 25% of the US population is over 60 when the most recent studies indicate that the number is actually closer to 13% , meaning the error in weighting this factor is nearly 100%.

Sample universe: “65,000 adults…including more than 15,000 people over the age of 60.”

Fourth - in a bizarre departure from the way polling information is presented, at least as Reuters presents its own data, there are NO raw numbers - respondents answers are represented by difficult to interpret bar graphs…again no raw data such as “54,439 respondents.”

All you get are red and blue horizontal representations of numbers as if this is a kindergarten class of not not very bright children.

So, even upon the most cursory review what we see are the juggling of numbers to push a common narrative, that Trump is losing his base. This also make the newest Reuters tripe a push poll, one designed to make, support or further a political statement.

When we consider that the entirety of the legacy media is locked into a mindset of “destroying Trump,” this poll neatly falls into place, simply another tool to aid the cultural Marxists in the service of the Deep State and in furtherance of its war against tradition.

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