Iran’s Humiliating Loss In Passover War

April 4, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - – Many have been led to believe that Iran is some kind of Middle East colossus, capable of shaping the reality of surrounding countries to its advantage…but the “Passover War should serve to shatter that image.

Yes, Iran remains a huge threat, but one which now must be characterized as more of a potential danger [as opposed to immediate] because as proven in HAMAS’ Gaza “uprising” the country’s predatory efforts in the Passover War only resulted in death and maiming of dozens of Gaza’s poorest, least educated citizens who were duped by Iran/HAMAS/Hezbollah’s peddling of the glories of the coming jihad.

Notice how news of the event seems to have vanished from the MSM, that is, the outlets that even covered it. This is because as our readers all intuitively know, getting your ass handed to you in such a pathetic display of ignorant belligerence, immediately capped by the country most despised on the left - Israel - is not the stuff to build upon the absurd “Palestinian” narrative.

This is especially of interest since Israel went total “hard ass” [as opposed by its previous policy of “measured response] against the would be invaders. Though the IDF initially tried to dissuade this modern day version of an Islamic Children’s Jihad using CS tear gas, flash-bang grenades and rubber bullets, when they proved less than effective, live fire was directed into the crowd [estimated in the tens of thousands] leaving approximately 18 dead and hundreds with lesser injuries .

We applaud the actions of Israel in this latest provocation, perhaps these people will now understand that attacking the Jews, especially on the eve of Passover [one of the most sacred in Judaism] is a recipe for disaster…though we doubt few will get that message.

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