Euro Press Tread Lightly With London Bomber's Family, Refuse To Disclose Names


September 18, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – You might think that this sort of thing should never happen in the war zone that is Europe today, that the media would shield and coddle terrorists and their families, refusing even to identify them by name, but it is nonetheless reality…as twisted as it might be.

So today we find the coverage of the most recent London firebombing sadly lacking in the kind of detail required for the public to be informed regarding the threat posed by the thousands of incipient Muslim terrorists lurking about in Western Europe simply waiting for the right time and place to employ their sacralized mayhem.

First let us identify one of the perps, his name is Yayah Farouq, a Syrian Muslim who along with an 18 year old Iraqi accomplice [unnamed] gained the status of “refugees” under Europe’s other-worldly immigration codes.

Both were arrested in England.

As the above referenced Dutch news source NOS reports in Brabant family of terrorist suspect London afraid of consequences :

“The brother and sister-in-law of one of the two suspects of the attack in the London subway live in the Brabant Terheijden. The Syrian couple, who received asylum in the Netherlands, feared that the rest of the family is in danger of suspicion [because of its obvious association with the] 21-year-old Yahya F[arouq]…[who is] suspected of having made the bomb placed last…Friday…on [a] London subway."

Mercifully the detonation was low order meaning that occupants escaped a blast that would have been truly horrific if the detonator had functoned as intended; nonetheless the explosion left 29 people dreadfully injured, many with extensive and serious burns as flames ripped through the passenger cabin.

Of course as these things go, the weepy meme of victimhood is being trotted out by the family claiming that they are the ones who are actually being harmed in this matter, ignoring the fact that when one commits a savage act of jihad, relatives always fall under the spotlight, assuming any degree of professionalism is being exhibited by security personnel investigating the case…increasingly, a very large assumption.

To compound the insanity of this state of affairs, the two had been temporarily housed under a foster home type arrangement with a credulous [reportedly Christian] family in Britain, leaving one to wonder if “turning the other cheek” in such matters represents a moral, not to mention wise decision.

Certainly in cases such as these, Europeans have proven exceptionally daft, being unable to sort out their self-interest from altruism in an atmosphere where Western logic seems to have broken down.

Note: translation from the Dutch made by the author.

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