The Islamic Threat To The West - The Simplified Version


September 18, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - We have been writing about the threat posed by Islamic jihadism for nearly 20 years. The subject has been dissected, analyzed, theorized about as well as being central to two recent books authored by this writer, “ Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West ,” and the soon to be available [Amazon], “ Uncle Joe, FDR and the DEEP STATE.”

With this in mind it comes as no surprise that others are examining the same topic and arriving at similar conclusions, for example Alexander Maistrovoy’s Perfect murder: How the West was won using ‘progressive’ jihad perfected in the Holy Land , which was published earlier this month in the World Tribune.

Maistrovoy’s analysis is entirely correct in its thrust though this writer would disagree with certain non-critical aspects of the piece. He traces the development of Islamic jihadism - as wedded to neo-Marxism [David Horowitz’s, “Unholy Alliance”] - to developments in the Holy Land, of which he lists five:

1. A test of strength, strong arm tactics, riots, stoking of general unrest by Muslims, Lenin called this dual-power, Antonio Gramsci called it the proto-state.

2. The development of an “outpost” within the larger established state.

3. This quasi-state then becomes an Islamic fiefdom in which the Shari’a becomes civil law and various criminal enterprises [drugs, prostitution, extortion etc.] are used to fund the enterprise.

4. Rule within these “no go” areas [there are thousands of them across the West, mostly in Europe at this point] becomes solidified by the jihadist governing structure because it chokes out all dissent.

5. The morphing of indiscriminate attacks into a general war-like jihad as the power relationship tips towards jihadism.

There is much truth in this way of looking at the threat which can easily be determined by even casual research regarding the topic. The only area with which we diverge would be in the Islamic/Marxist [or Red/Green] alliance.

Although many have correctly stated that jihadism is simply Islamic Fascism [with Fascism being defined as entirely a creature of the left…state socialism with a strong bias towards Jew hatred] leftist ideology in the Middle East, though present, is not of sufficient strength to have forged this seeming odd pairing. Islamic theocracies are not creatures of the left especially considering that most of the socially dysfunction aspects of leftism [belief in laws made by mankind rather than a creator, hedonism…drug abuse…rejection of chastity…generally dissolute living] are creatures which can trace their heritage - unfortunately - to ideologies born in the West.

Now, there is a reason why these two are partnering and that should be obvious.

Both ideologies [we reject the concept that Islam is a true religion, rather it is a sacralized ideology wrapped in a cloak of religiosity] seek the destruction of Western norms, values and Democratic Republicanism and their partnership is one of convenience, not true amity. Both ideologies are supremely confident [they share a Hegelian sense of the flow of history] and assume that after disposing of the “Great Satan,” they will fight it out for ultimate supremacy and that “their side” will triumph [ideological triumphalism] and throttle the other.

So there is much to recommend in this rather short but dense article and those who might want to examine Mr. Maistroyovsy’s thesis are well advised to check it out

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