An Affront To The Memory Of September 11, 2001


September 13, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - This was the first year that I didn’t fly the flag in memorium of the anniversary of the terror attacks on New York’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the heroic actions on Flight 93 where the passengers crashed their jet rather than have it continue on to its intended target, the White House.

I doubt that I will ever fly our beautiful national symbol on that anniversary again, something about it just doesn’t feel right...

If anything, in light of the massive social rending that has taken place in the West over these last 16 years, a robotic presentation of the colors on a day marked by such grief is more a travesty than anything else, though I understand why others may differ on this point.

I partially explored some of the issues that surrounding this matter in the book, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West, which led me to subsequently understand that memorializing tragic events absent having risen above them to become stronger and wiser is inappropriate edging its way towards the sacriligious.

Events on the order of al-Qaeda’s 911 jihad have the effect of a tsunami, reverberating across national borders creating effects which are really impossible to predict or foretell, excepting the knowledge that the temporary destabilization caused by such cataclysms are considered opportunities by the enemies of freedom who will use the crisis to push us towards a society transformed according to the principles of Cultural Marxism.

Sudden threats, to a greater or lesser degree tend, temporarily at least to decouple societies from reality, making citizens more susceptible to ideas and suggestions which would in more normal times never gain a foothold.

The proposition being, radical challenges demand radical solutions, though that is seldom the case in real life.

For those of this mindset, the aftermath of 9/11 was the quintessential opportunity.

It was around this time when a truly bizarre concept - previously latent - was thrust upon an unsuspecting public, Islamophobia. In a few short years it became the de rigueur epithet that the Islamists and their allies employed against critics. Given that Americans had already been directly victimized, labeling them as bigots was a secondary assault.

But the depth of the tragic response to 911 is far greater than many realize; as a matter of fact the final accounting has yet to be made as events continue to unfold in strange ways.

The instant effect was profound enough, 3,000 lives lost in a matter of hours in the main attack in New York City, 125 dead in a smoldering wing of the Pentagon and 40 lives lost on a field of valor in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

But it also led us into two wars in the Middle East, over 7,200 American service deaths with victory not yet in sight, the expenditure of trillions of dollars we did not have, the loss of civil liberties and the concept of privacy and worst of all, a radical reordering of the Western zeitgeist with decision makers having morphed into sack-cloth wearing mendicants bent upon forcing citizens of the West to perpetually atone for sins not committed in a vain effort to make people who will always hate us somehow decide to live in peace.

The mere mention of September 11 in the larger context of Western Civilization is both poignant and entirely apprapo because 334 years ago yesterday, the Christian princes of Europe operating upon the blessing of Pope Innocent XI and led by Polish King John III Sobieski launched one of the largest cavalry charges in history that decimated the million man jihadist army of the Ottoman Turks led by Mehmet IV which had beseiged the city of Vienna, thus finally destroying the Islamic threat to Europe.

Sobieski and his brave cohorts must have felt that a terrible weight had been forever lifted, Europe having withstood nearly 1,000 years of predation by the Muslim World.

But now we know better, having foolishly allowed the cultural confidence of the West to be subverted by the sons of the God who hates, in league with the progeny of Stalin.

How long, if ever, will it be before we once again hear a Western leader utter anything approaching the eloquence of Sobieski’s immortal words upon slicing the Ottomans into Polish sausage - “Veni, Vidi, Deus, Vicit”...I came, I saw, God conquered?

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