The Las Vegas Massacre - The RAT Angle, Vol I

October 4, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - As a policy, we seldom speculate about tragic events such as the Stephen Paddock’s massacre at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, but given the swift nature of the Democrat party’s [and its minions] call for increased and draconian “gun control” legislation we feel it necessary to address salient points that have received inadequate attention in the media.

1. One can learn much about crimes of this nature [basically jihadist in nature, though this particular incident diverges a bit from that motif, perhaps substituting a sacralized ideology in place of Islam, keeping in mind that both of which share a similar ability to motivate] by simply observing how the legacy media covers them, especially how quickly [or parsimoniously] the facts - especially motive – leak or are doled out.

2. Generally, the greater the possibility of the political right being tarred under these circumstances, the quicker a cover story appears…even if it is necessary to intentionally [example: NBC’s Brian Ross and his rush to judgment, where he in 2012, with zero regard for the truth, blamed a Tea Party member as being the Aurora theater shooting perp] fabricate it. The idea here is to present a plausible, though untrue narrative that will link the right with violence, because that accusation underlies a core principle in leftist propaganda, that conservative/traditionalist/patriotic Americans are all walking time bombs.

[Note: this methodology hews closely to the concept developed by the early Soviet Communists [Lenin and Stalin for example] called socialist realism. It is the process of projecting your world view on to incongruent data points, essentially forcing the square peg into the round hole because it serves a larger revolutionary purpose]

3. Conversely, the more slowly what passes for truth regarding such matters eventually seeps out, the higher the possibility that the left or a member of one of its protected classes [Muslims, ethnic minorities, women, gays etc.] will be found guilty. This is the reason why most big city newspapers refuse to ID violent criminals ethnically, since the majority of these kinds of crimes are committed by pet Democrat voting blocs and the party bosses certainly don’t want to alienate there most reliable voters.

As to the process of the “slow trickle’” this is exactly what has happened in the Las Vegas shooting, with the few details that are being made available increasingly pointing to the possibility that Paddock was a leftist intent upon inflicting maximum carnage on a huge crowd of [supposedly “Trump loving”] Country & Western music fans who were gathered in an outdoor amphitheater concert setting.

When one considers the complex nature of planning necessary to execute such an attack, a military action immediately comes to mind. Gathering of intelligence relevant to the operation, weapons assembled in large numbers, shooting lanes established early by selection of a particular suite of hotel rooms, surveillance cameras strategically placed to keep the shooter aware of what was happening directly outside his den, weapons bought in many locations as to avoid possible questions related to large purchases.

It’s relevant also to consider the contra-argument, why would a right-winger want to kill dozens of his kith and kin?

That makes no sense at all.

So our working theory at this point [buoyed by Las Vegas law enforcement hinting at the shooter’s possible “ radicalization”] is that Paddock was a very-rich leftie, enraged that Trump bested Hillary in the 2016 contest [that it was settled in the Electoral College could only add to Paddock’s level of fury] and decided to vent his frustration by killing and maiming hundreds of supposed Trump supporters.

That the perp was immersed in the sea of hard left hatred that has accompanied the “unexpected” election of President Trump is not to be discounted as a potentially significant factor.

The final point we need to address here, because our hand is forced by events, is the immediate lock-step sturm and drang of the late night “comics,” who, to a man [hello, can u say “gender equity?”] are acting as marionettes for the Brady Campaign, trying to turn Sunday’s Las Vegas tragedy into anti-Second Amendment legislation…”sensible” of course…

It’s time we called these self-righteous lunatics’ bluff; ok, fine how about we amend the Constitution to bar members of the Democrat party from either owning guns or hiding behind armed security details? If it’s such a great idea how about you folks step forward, relinquish whatever firearms you might have accumulated and the next time a psycho-stalker breaks down your door you can call 911 and wait…

Think of the unforgettable show you will give to your neighbors as they watch the local police department arrive just in time to accompany the detail from the county coroner’s office which will be busily engaged in moving your body to the morgue.

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