GOP Swamp Thing Candidates Go Down In Flames - What Went Wrong?

By Villem Maherstein

November 8, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA - - On Tuesday, voters in Virginia [which now includes nearly a quarter-of-a-million FELONS who were granted the franchise by Governor Terry McAuliffe] rejected Republican Ed Gillespie who was running for governor [after having failed four years earlier in a bid for the U.S. Senate] against Ralph Northam, the current lieutenant governor, a pediatric neurologist - and retired Army major - who has stated that he voted for Bush 43…twice.

Given the politics of the “sic semper tyrannis” state and despite Northam’s notable departures from the leftist Democrat party line, he will quickly fall into place as an appendage of the Clinton/McAuliffe machine. It really can’t shake out any other way in a state whose demographics have been entirely skewed due to the heavy influx of Democrat government workers as well as being notorious for illegal aliens voting, not to mention the state having the highest concentration of MS-13 drug cartel members in the United States.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, running to replace the term-limited Krispie Kreme Christie, Democrat Phil Murphy, the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, beat Kim Guadagno, the sitting New Jersey Lieutenant Governor - a bottom feeding career politician.

Neither race was even close, with both GOPers flaming out big-time, i.e., losing by more than 10%.

About the twin defeats ABC News immpediately cranked up its spin maching treating the losses as harbingers of a looming 2018 GOP disaster, calling it “pushback” time, which is absurd and the tack that the MSM would have taken regardless…unless both of these really awful candidates had managed to win going away, in which case the entire matter would be yesterday’s news by Friday.

I did say they were awful right?

Though the legacy media will insist to the contrary, the fact is that Trump was not even figuratively on the ballot because, truth be told, as politicians, both Gillespie and Guadagno fall under the heading of inveterate Swamp People.

The chinless Ed Gillespie is a piece of work such as only the Bush clan could cast. Eddie is a nameless, clueless bureaucrat-cum-lobbyist [of course one of a “bipartisan” nature, to wit his lobbying firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates] whose defining feature seems to be the fact that he has less charisma than a bowl of Jello. Gillespie’s stump performance was mind-numbingly wonkish; when the first words out of a clearly flawed and challenged candidate’s mouth are, “I have a 23 point program…” things have already come off the rails.

Most likely the defining moment of the campaign was a typically last minute "October surprise" running of a television hit-piece in which a Trump stickered pick-up truck runs down a Muslim kid, the inference being all too clear.

C’mon guys, how many times are you going to be caught off guard by the Democrat party adhering to its standard “you’re a bigot and homophobe” script?

Actually had Gillespie really wanted to win, he would have had to step out of the “I’m a loser” campaign template of his DC mentors and attack his opponent first with a hit-piece based upon the truth, that Darwin Martinez Torres an illegal alien from El Salvador AND a member of MS-13 was charged this summer and convicted of brutally “ murdering a 17-year-old Muslim girl during Ramadan [Torres] was [also] accused of sexually assaulting another woman a week before the teen’s slaying in Virginia.” This is the type of bedrock issue that reverberates across the poltical spectrum and might have allowed Gillespie to close the fundraising gap - Northam besting him 2-1.

Instead of tying his opponent to the illegal immigrant issue, Gillespie proved that he would rather lose than step outside the party’s comfort zone, meaning that he was always viewed by the real political professionals, the Virginia Democrats, as a lamb on its way to the slaughter house.

As to Guadagno…well what can one say about a Republican politician who has held just about every possible office in the thoroughly corrupt New Jersey [excepting dog-catcher] as well as, rather infamously stating publically that she refused to vote for Donald Trump ?

How the MSM thinks it can tie these losses to Trump stretches credulity, but then the American press shed any semblance of even pretend fairness decades ago.

No, it was the festering sore of the GOP leadership, the Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Grahams who lost big-time on Tuesday.

Unfortunately as these things roll out we are more and more open to the possibility that in their desperation to preserve The Swamp, the GOP is prepared to LOSE the House in order to scuttle the Trump agenda. [see, “Losing To Win” - Do The GOP Deep Staters Have A Doomsday Plan To Destroy Trump?]

After a bit of thought it should become clear that if the above becomes the GOP elite’s “silver bullet” that they can easily pull it off passively, simply by replicating the Gillespie campaign debacle across the “down ticket.”

Ridiculous? Not at all especially considering that this type of sabotage can be pulled off with absolutely no fingerprints in evidence…

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