The UK’s Death Wish

May 24, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - Yes we know that the Manchester bombing happened just a few evenings ago and it is certainly heart-wrenching to know that 22 people have subsequently died and 120 are wounded, many horribly; but now that the lame efforts by EU politicians to channel a bit of Winston Churchill’s WW II swagger have worn through, in reality the words of these cheap hack politicians mean nothing.

These people, who so “fearlessly” speak from behind gated fortresses guarded by elite military units have no intention of dealing with the three main causes of the Continent’s Islamic terrorism crisis:

1. There are already entirely too many Muslims in Europe.

2. Euro politicians really have no stomach for a genuine solution.

3. These cultures have engaged in a 50 year plus process of gelding themselves in the face of existential threats.

What we always see in the immediate aftermath of one of these acts of war is the equivalent of a bunch of Keystone Cops running around in a disorganized manner or dodging here and there in their tiny, cockroach-like police “cruisers” to little or no effect.

British policemen, certainly the majority of whom are of high moral character and devotion to public service, have become - by the hands of others - the equivalent of live-fire target practice dummies, heartlessly sent into battle armed with a set of handcuffs, a short useless Billy-club and a can of Mace.

The optics of these shameless displays of multicultural restraint and passivity are not lost on the enemy, as the al-Baghdadis of the world probably are laughing their asses off at the West’s timidity.

At some point long past, it became a ridiculous question to ask where Europe’s men went, it’s our guess that many of them were killed in World War II and what survives are the culled descendants, zombie-like feminized males who though incapable of throwing or taking a punch are quite adept at denouncing president Trump, Western imperialism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and whatever additional elements of the standard progressive rant might be in general usage at that point in time.

We are tempted to say that the Euros deserve their fate, but that would simply be cruel hyperbole because in reality these people are our brothers and sisters in modernity’s greatest experiment and the common citizens manifestly do not deserve what certainly appears to be heading their way.

Fact: as of this writing, well over 1,000 ISIS terrorist have returned to the UK from Syria already battle hardened and ready to extend the already extensive spider web of Islamic terror cells.

From all of the available literature we have not been able to identify a single one of these animals who has been jailed. Given the reality of asymmetrical warfare, the presence of 1,000 enemy fighters represents a civilizational threat to our motherland. Imagine 50 Manchester attacks in a single evening and try to convince anyone that, “this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England” would even be recognizable the next morning.

And then there are untold thousands, such as the Manchester perp who “had already come to the attention of the authorities” and about whom nothing was done. If you add in the family members of these people you are easily talking in the tens of thousands of jihad supporting, Islamic fanatics whose sole purpose is to kill, maim and sow terror among the unbelievers, of course only until “Allah’s religion reigns supreme.”


We draw your attention to the lead image, 5 of London’s finest whose identities we have disguised for the obvious reason of preventing them from being targeted by Islamic lunatics. These men have no weapons, yet they are expected to soldier on as if they were armed to the teeth like any modern Western warrior, with close air support just a quick call away.

The British government does not want to present that picture to the world, it would be culturally insensitive.

Our response?

Fuck that shit…train these men as soldiers - Europe is at war. Arm them with the nasty tools of the trade and instructions to put down bad guys with great prejudice wherever they may be found.

And in concluding might we suggest to PM May; make the English constabulatory once again a profession worthy of respect and a source of British pride, hell it’s the least you can do, the days of equivocation are over.

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