UK’s Tommy Robinson on British Islamic Jihad

The Utter Depravity of Islam’s “Holy War”

May 23, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - We are entirely mindful that Tommy Robinson is a “controversial” personality in British politics. But we really don’t give a rat’s ass; if London imams can preach jihad at every Friday jummah there is nothing that Mr. Robinson has done that remotely resembles the harm to Western society via the EU’s conspiracy of silence and censorship regarding the truth about those who worship a “god” who hates…nothing.

Below Robinson, now a fixture at Rebel Media, discusses the problems that are endemic to societies that “open their doors to massive numbers of Muslims.” Note we made no reference to the oft paired rejoinder, “and to adequately address the need for them to acculturate” because Islam does not exist to become part of some idiotic multicultural wet-dream…Islam is about one thing alone - domination and abject submission.

Last night’s vicious attack in Manchester which killed 22 and mangled another 60 or so is merely the latest incident - if left unremediated - in what will be a never ending series of acts of asymmetrical warfare until British society crumbles.

If you happened to be following the media coverage of last night’s suicide bombing…and you were observant, you would have noted not a single close up of the carnage. Video as well as still footage was shot at what appeared to be hundreds of feet away [perhaps farther given the focal power of modern zoom lenses] and reporters were not allowed past an arbitrarily established police cordon line.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this was not done for the sake of public safety but rather designed to prevent reporters from exposing what really happened, as if the presence of a few extra people in a an area populated by thousands of panicked concert goers would have even been noticed.

This is horse shit…the media was kept away from the scene as a multicultural gesture of appeasement to Muslims. The official policy is once of censorship, the public has and will continue to be spoon-fed and denied the facts of these attacks so that the common folk don’t get the wrong idea, you know conclude that Islam is a rapacious death cult.

What Brit and EU authorities didn’t want you to see is the abattoir-like horror that results from a high explosive shrapnel [nails in this case] bomb being detonated at a children’s concert, this one primarily attended by girls.

No, the Brits and their masters in the EU cannot afford for viewers to see children with their faces blown off or cut in half by the blast, intestines strewn about, gallons of blood, skin, bone and assorted body parts because the lumpenproletariat might become righteously angry.

This is the type of censorship which, if allowed to continue [and we see no signs of it letting up] has the capacity to destroy the West because free societies can only maintain their liberty if they know the truth.

We have mentioned this previously and are not going to break our policy of not reporting the specific details of many of these Islamic jihadist attacks.

But we are going to tip our hand a bit because it has to be done:

2008 - an Islamic attack in Mumbai at the Chabad House, a Jewish cultural center.

2013 - al-Shabaab attacked the Westlake Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

2015 - Paris’ Bataclan night club [and other sites] were attacked by a highly coordinated ISIS terror cells, the final death toll was 130.

In each of these cases - and they are by no means atypical in nature - the jihadists sadistically tortured many of those unfortunate enough to fall into their hands before killing them.

We are aware, but will refrain from describing all of the specifics because they are so disgustingly and gruesomely evil, but here is a glimpse: while mopping up the gore of the Bataclan attack some young men were found with their testicles in their mouths, and that is only the tamest example of the many that we could report.

Is further elaboration is necessary?

This is the horrible truth that the media in conjunction with their Deep State conspirators are denying the public. They are doing so for one reason only, they have so fully invested themselves in the Marxist laden narrative of multiculturalism, that if citizens were made fully aware of how depraved these attacks by sub-humans are that there would be an uproar from native Europeans to the degree that symbols of the ruling class, places like #10 Downing Street might well end up as smoking ruins.

We believe that the truth will out, eventually. It’s impossible to gauge the public’s level of tolerance regarding these matters but at some point the West will be forced to confront the darkness that is spreading across the globe in a manner that will be indelibly burned into the collective conscience.

We would prefer that this not happen, mob violence seldom solves anything and those who are really responsible for Western Civilization being garroted before our eyes would use it to go after the native born, not the enemy.

However, left to fester there will eventually be hell to pay when the public finally figures out that they have been played by people who are supposed to represent them, as fools.

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