BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Russian Government Controls CA Initiative To Secede From The United States

Civil War Comes To The Once Golden, Soon To Be Red State?


March 21, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - This is an odd, disjunctive period in history, one in which the Democrat party seems intent upon starting a nuclear war with Russia. In doing so it has abandoned its previous guise of making love to the Communist Soviet regime - you know, the one responsible for killing 60 million of its citizens and threatening to “bury” the United States.

The Democrat party’s increasingly threatening language is based upon the false flag assertion that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.

But we have news that may cause Democrat hearts to flutter while they break into their version of the commie “happy dance.”

Russia has indeed established an outpost within the continental United States, actually in the nation’s most populous state, California.

And the envelope please:

The Russian government fully controls the California initiative, “Yes California” that calls for the state to secede from the Union and become a “sovereign nation” of its own.

One need only visit the proposed legislation’s website to lock-down its purpose:

“Yes California is a ballot measure campaign committee focused on one goal: qualifying a ballot measure that would give the people of California the chance to vote to remain a part of the Union, or to separate from it to become its own independent country.” [source, Yes California website]

Is "Yes California" somehow mixed up with the Russian government?

Well in a very strange move though the organization’s website denies that the effort is a puppet movement controlled, bankrolled and provided office spade directly by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it then goes on to offer one of the strangest denials we have ever seen:

“In September, 2016 the president of Yes California was invited to attend and speak at a conference on the right to self-determination in Moscow which was held at the Ritz Carlton. The hosts of this conference paid for travel expenses to Russia for the guests they invited to this conference. The host of this conference did receive a small grant from the Russian government to help offset the costs of airfare…”

This strange text is then followed by something even more bizarre:

“Louis J. Marinelli is the founder and president of Yes California. He is a natural-born U.S. Citizen. He is currently living in Yekaterinburg, Russia working on contract as an English language teacher in a private language center. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) has been his line of work for the past decade. As part of this work, Louis has met people from all over the world and has traveled back and forth between the United States and Russia, teaching at various language schools.” [source, Yes CA FAQ page]

Digging a little deeper reveals that “Yes California” is the toy of Alexander Ivonov, President of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia. [source, Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia website]

So close is the relationship that Mr. Ivonov has prevailed upon the Russian authorities to offer the group…a Russian Embassy!

Wait, it gets better.

Ivonov’s Anti Globalization organization also has a very close working relationship with the Worker’s World Party, a hard-line Stalinist/Maoist artifact that remains a powerful force in sewing Marxist revolution across the globe. It is well funded and has been engaged since the 1960s is fomenting riots and civil unrest across America.

According to Trevor Loudon’s critically acclaimed and heavily researched movie America Under Siege: Civil War 2017 , in 2014 the party’s Youth Leader, Tom Michalak traveled to Moscow, guest of…Mr. Ivonov’s Russian front group. According to a study, "Russia, America, and Security in the Asia-Pacific." published by the Asia Pacific Center For Security Studies, an organization which also appears to be a Russian front group, Ivonov's day job is, "Head of the Department of ASEAN countries and general Asian issues of the Russian Foreign Ministry," [source, Rouben Azizian and Boris Reznik, Russia, America, and Security in the Asia-Pacific, p. 26].

We would not at all be surprised to find out that Ivonov is also a member of Putin's "Ministry for State Security," a modernized iteration of the much feared KGB.

The connections are irrefutable:

Not really that long ago such undeniable linkage between a domestic organization and the Kremlin would be grounds for, at minimum an investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee [HUAC, 1938–75, killed by the Democrat party] and very possibly charges of treason. is no stranger to calling attention to the existential threat that Revolutionary Marxism poses to the internal security of the United States. For example on October 21, 2011 we covered the riots and subsequent squatting of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland, California - see our feature piece, "Occupy Oakland October 19, 2011, Taste The Madness."

In this expose we went were no other SF Bay Area news organization dared tread, into the rip-stop nylon tent city that had been set up on Broadway to document the violent communist propaganda material that had somehow evaded the local press.

These people are deadly serious, thoroughly committed to fomenting a civil war within the United States and are using the election of President Trump as their triggering mechanism.

Stay tuned, we are turning our full attention to the threat that organized Revolutionary Marxism poses to the political stability of the United States…we are just getting warmed up.

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