Jihad in Paris: Son Butchers Father and Brother


March 17, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The French news source Le Figaro, is reporting that at approximately 11am local time, a “radicalized” 30 year old Muslim male slit the throats of his father and brother near a housing complex in Paris.

“The scene took place shortly before 11 A.M., in the heart of a large modern building [on the] rue de Montreuil. According to the first reports of the investigation, the aggressor, a thirty-year-old, killed the two men with the knife. One in the middle of the courtyard, the other in the lobby near the mailboxes. According to witnesses of the drama, the killer made references to ‘radical Islam’ and police sources said, that the assailant was heard to say, ‘Allah akbar.’” [source, Stéphane Kovacs, Un jeune égorge son père et son frère à Paris - Son Slaughters Father and Brother in Paris, Le Figaro].

The report continues, noting that the son that "…had been radicalized recently” which displeased his family who took action to notify law enforcement but that aside from filing a report, no action was taken:

"’According to AFP, his relatives reported it to the authorities,’ but it was filed without supporting evidence…” [source, ibid]

Note: translation from the French by the author.

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