Pelosi: Verbal Assassination Of GOP Hours After Tragic Shooting By Sanders Supporter

June 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – With the blood from yesterday’s assassination attempt by a socialist supporter of Bernie Sanders barely dry, House Minority Leader Pelosi today stooped to a new low.

Yes we are aware that calls for more flexibility than this plasticized caricature of hate incarnate has previously demonstrated, but nonetheless she managed to squeeze the words out from between her nasty lips, calling the still grieving members of the House Majority, “sanctimonious.”

Further compounding the offensive charge, she continued on, unbelievably adding, “as if they’d never seen such a thing before…”

Yeah Nancy, happens every day, alt-Right wingers running through the halls of Congress with blood stained machetes and lying in wait in the Capital Cloakroom with sub-machineguns.

Though Pelosi’s brain has obviously atrophied beyond the point of being able to comprehend, she is doing her increasingly violent party a disservice.

If the left wants a second Civil War, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to stop them from initiating hostilities, it is what happens after that point that the Marxist Deep Staters should seriously consider.

From what we have seen most of the left’s wannabe kiddie soldiers are triggered into catatonia by the mere mention of the word, firearm; that’s not exactly what we would call a defensible posture.

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