Campaign for Accountability Files Complaint Against Trump Counsel Kasowitz…Based Upon A New York Times Article?


June 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – The so-called “non-partisan” Campaign for Accountability [CFA] has filed a “complaint” with the DC Bar Assoc., asking for an investigation of President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney raising the allegation that, “ Marc E. Kasowitz, may have violated District of Columbia Rules of Professional Conduct. According to press reports…

In a brief conversation with a CFA spokesman this afternoon, the party indicated that the basis for the filing was solely due to information that was published by the New York Times on June 11, alleging that Mr. Kasowitz had provided “legal counsel” to members of the Trump staff that it was not necessary for them to retain personal counsel.

When asked to cite case law supporting the filing of legal actions based solely upon third-hand, unsourced information [as the Times coyly puts it, “two people”] published in a newspaper that has a long and demonstrated record of hostility towards the Trump administration, the “spokesman” reverted to what we presume to be the organization’s talking points regarding the matter.

As to the claim that the CFA is “non-partisan” we direct our readers to the following, which we believe shows a level of hostility and animus towards the administration that negates such a claim.

“Given how easily President Trump dismisses ethics rules, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that his personal attorney appears to be similarly cavalier with ethics. But unlike Congress, the D.C. Bar actually enforces the rules.” [source, CFA ]

Takeaway, CFA apparently has no evidence aside from claims made by a newspaper that hates the Trump administration, even though within that same article, “ A spokesman for Mr. Kasowitz called the characterizations of his conversations with staff members “inaccurate…

This is the Deep State personified, smothering the administration with nuisance legal actions with the apparent intention of attempting to overwhelm it.

We will be investigating whether there are grounds to contest the CFA’s 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation.

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