Soros’ Toy MoveOn Scales Up For Civil Unrest

June 6, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - We maintain a substantial number of subscriptions to enemy websites and listservs to keep track of what programs the Marxist subversives are planning and today we were not disappointed to find this sitting in our InBox:

“Dear [redacted to shield recipient’s ID]

Hi, I'm Vicki Kaplan, MoveOn's organizing director.

I'm writing you a personal note today to ask for your help.

One thing that the Trump presidency has taught us is that fighting Republicans on issue after issue using our old political playbook is simply not enough. There are too many critical fronts that demand our attention and, in most cases, victory means only stopping bad, cruel, or even dangerous things from happening.

The resistance needs to change the playing field.

That's why, as part of our broader efforts to build an anti-Trump wave and take back the House in 2018, MoveOn is launching a big, audacious new program that we're calling Resistance Summer.

It's a summer-long training program for 1,000 people across the country to learn how to organize and lead high-impact efforts in their own communities. That means turning up the heat on elected officials, engaging and registering voters, and building on-the-ground organizing capacity. And it means setting the stage for our elections program; it's a key step in laying the groundwork for an anti-Trump wave next year. It's a massive program, but that's the scale of what this political moment and our country's future demands. And we're well on our way to making Resistance Summer a reality. The applications are in. (Actually, we were flooded with many more applicants than we can accept.) And we're in the process of hiring 40 of the most accomplished progressive organizers in the country to work with and mentor the participants.”


The crazies are in a permanent state of revolution. They can’t be reasoned with, which is why this type of material now ends up on someone’s desk at DOJ. So smile Move-Oners, there just might be government operatives among you, be especially aware of alpha-male Nordic looking heterosexual blondes among your “volunteers.”

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