Clinton Administration Gave North Korea Two Nuclear Reactors…In 1994!

July 11, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – So much has recently been written about the very real threat of North Korea being able to use its ICBM technology to nuke the Western United States that many seem to think that the threat developed recently, out of thin air.

But that is not the case as 23 years ago, the Clinton administration, in what can only be described as a bizarre proposal, offered the North Koreans not one, but two fully function light water reactor.

Yes, you read that correctly Bill Clinton, his “co-president” Hillary along with the even then faltering Madeline Albright hoped that by gifting the Norks with advanced nuclear technology that would somehow stop their mad rush to obtain enough fissionable nuclear material to create weapons.

If this is news to you, then we suggest you look to the Deep State’s Praetorian Guard that refuses to contextualize anything that might reflect poorly on the tattered Clinton reputation or the Democrat party for that matter.

Actually we can find no reference to the 1994 agreement in any of the journalism regarding the current threat…as if it never happened.

In a typically misleading article published by the Los Angeles Times on October 19, 1994 one must scroll down nine paragraphs to find the money quote:

“In return for its concessions, North Korea will get two 1,000-megawatt light-water nuclear reactors valued at $4 billion. South Korea and Japan will supply most of the equipment and financing for those facilities.” [source, Jim Mann, Clinton OKs Deal to Stop N. Korea's Nuclear Program ]

Despite the clear intention of the MSM to deceive the public into thinking this was some kind of grand diplomatic victory, just about any high school physics teacher would likely be able to explain that nukes can still be constructed using light water reactors, though the process would be more difficult.

What was most egregious about the agreement is that the existence of ANY nuclear program in North Korean, “peaceful” or otherwise could be used to camouflage a parallel weapons program since the West would have already acceded to the Norks desire to enrich uranium, the basic process whereby nuclear weapons can be constructed.

At the time Clinton Inc. REFUSED to even release the text of the agreement, again demonstrative of the fact that the entire process was designed to game the all too willing press.

Of Additional concern even a light water reactor could easily be purposed into creating the isotopes necessary to create “dirty bombs” and in a relatively short period of time, so the entire logic of the Clinton gambit was entirely contradictory.

Though not disclosed to the public, whose appetite for ignorance on such matters seems to be insatiable, the Soviets were already working with the Norks as early as the 1960s and later Pakistan was able to supply the dog-eaters, with the real thing, courtesy of the nuclear spy ring run by Pakistani national Abdul Qadeer Khan, who stole the secrets while working in the Netherlands nuclear program. It is certified fact that Khan also provided technical assistance to the then aborning Iranian bomb program.

The Chi Coms were also no blameless in this operation as they provided additional covert assistance.

The history reads as follows, as was always the case with Clinton’s paper mache diplomacy, the multinational agreement entirely fell apart, the Norks never did dismantle the reactors they had at the time or in the pipeline and also failed to relinquish ownership of the already enriched control rods, from which bomb grade uranium could be created.

The short story is really shocking.

The West led by a convicted and impeached perjurer, William Jefferson Clinton, got nothing in the agreement with the Norks, instead they provided them with the most modern technology then available as far as light water reactors are concerned and hidden under the shade of a parallel military weapons program in short order the country north of the 38th parallel were able to conduct their first successful test of a nuclear weapon.

The above should provide the reader with two important data points.

1. The Clinton’s as much as armed the Norks with nuclear weapons technology.

2. The Congressional GOPers certainly know this but refuse to use it against the marauding Democrats who are engaged in a Deep State op to topple the president. What this means, to us anyway, is that our [supposed] side, with a few brave exceptions, is simply unwilling to upset the balance of power in DC and the I95 environs. They intentionally maintain a low profile in the street combat currently going on in DC and thus are more than willing to see Mr. Trump hamstrung.

The Republican leadership does this for one reason, they really don’t mind being a gelded or even minority party so they refuse to engage in a behavior that might offend their real masters, the Democrat party, the MSM and the rogue intel agencies that are now running amok in Washington.

Don’t expect this to change soon, with traitors like John McCain, bozos like Mitch McConnell and the chairs of the GOP led Congressional committees so feverishly investigating a sham, the Trump-Russia collusion meme, they all might as drop all pretense and run as Democrats next time around.

At least then they would be marketing themselves in an honest manner.

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