Vatican Calls For 50% Of Social Spending Go To “Immigrants” - Cardinal Turkson Says Immigration Must Be Halted

July 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – It’s difficult to read Catholic publications these days without coming to the conclusion that is now the official doctrine of the Church that national borders mean very little, if anything and that potential immigrants have essentially the same rights as do the native born.

It doesn’t seem to bother the Holy See that this viewpoint is a rejection of more than 350 years of international legal precedent establishing the nature of the modern nation state, which was the central aspect of the Treaty of Westphalia [1648] that ended the Thirty Year War.

Absent enforceable borders, national sovereignty is a myth...

Demonstrating the depth of the rift between the new Church and the state, the most recent edition of the Vatican Observer carries an article making the audacious assertion that not only should “immigration” [read, invasion] be encouraged globally throughout the First and Second Worlds, but that it must be funded on a permanent basis by devoting 50% of governmental expenditures [social spending previously devoted to a nation’s poor] to the new arrivals.

“An undersecretary for the new Vatican office devoted to issues facing migrants and refugees has called on global governments to create a “permanent and generous funding facility” for the areas of the world receiving the largest numbers of migrants. Jesuit Fr. Michael Czerny, one of two undersecretaries for the Migrants and Refugees Section of the new Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, proposed to a roundtable forum in Berlin Wednesday that funds could be split 50-50 between aid to migrants and to local poor in the areas most affected by their arrival…The 50-50 principle…brings us back to one of the key foundations of the Sustainable Development Goals.” [source, Joshua J. Mcelwee, Vatican official calls for global ‘permanent and generous’ funding for migrants , Vatican Observer]

That the statement originates within the Jesuit order is unsurprising, it having a long history of undermining Catholic orthodoxy.

That the language mimics that of the unelected rulers of Europe located in Brussels should be unremarkable to those following the increasingly secular and radicalized bent of that which emanates from behind the [very high] walls of the Vatican.

Serving as a ray of sunlight in a darkening period of history, such heterodox ideas are meeting strong opposition within conservative [traditional] Catholic prelates, most notably from Cardinal Peter Turkson

“Asked about recent rumblings that Italian authorities are finally ready to close down ports and begin turning away ships filled with migrants, Turkson told reporters the time has come to ‘turn off the faucet’ of African migration to Europe and instead focus on migrants’ countries of origin. ‘It is like water flowing from an open tap,’ he said. ‘It’s not enough just to dry it, you have to turn off the faucet,’ he added, noting that the vast majority of African countries are not war zones from which the populations must necessarily flee. ‘In my opinion, we can change things in order to keep young people where they are.’” [Thomas Williams, African Cardinal: Turn Off the Immigration Faucet, Breitbart]

Turkson’s comments came shortly after a “sense of Europe” seems to have emerged that it is indeed time to stop the Islamic jihad by hijrah, though of course they are entirely too genteel a people to couch the new commitment in such stark language.

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