The Soros Revolution?

January 25, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - A tremendous bit of genuine investigative journo recently appeared in an unlikely publication, the New York Times. It was written by Asra Q. Nomani [Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington, January 20, 2017] who produced the data primarily by sifting through online resources such as Google documents [for example this spreadsheet detailing Soros' political contributions] to reveal and probe the tendrils between the mega-billionaire currency trader and some of the most radically leftist groups which populate the Democrat party constellation.

As a result, many who are interested in how social movements can be created and then orchestrated are becoming aware of Soros’ close ties to a huge number of “social action” organizations worldwide. Without exception all these groups push the progressive/Marxist agenda - open borders, income redistribution, reduced civil liberties, extreme intolerance to even the slightest deviation from the operative ideology and probably most visibly, the fanatical and mindless support for the Holy Grail of the Democrat party, the sacrament of abortion.

In a November 2015 feature story, reported on 70 such relationships [see, William Mayer, Hungarian PM Orbán Blames Soros For Muslim Invasion,] between the financier and his coterie of activists and that number was conservative given the fact that Soros also owns or is affiliated in some with a very large number of media organizations, especially in Eastern Europe as well as sponsoring “internships” for promising young leftist journos in various publications and/or news sources.

Ms. Nomani’s work on this issue deserves more attention than it is getting [often totally without attribution] in the legacy media but that isn’t the substance of what we would like to focus upon here.

Actually, the matter is tangential to the topic which is the central focus of this author’s recently published book, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West, which offers an explanation about how societal attitudes can be redirected if you control the inertia of the apparatus that is responsible for creating culture in the first place, the media of course, the edutocracy, the legal/judicial system, the entertainment industry, the political establishment, etc.

Without recapitulating an entire book, the basic outline is that today’s committed leftists are using techniques developed by the little known but highly influential Italian communist theorist Antonio Gramsci [early 1930s] who, finding society intrinsically resistant to Marxism, sought to create a new “hegemony” or cultural ethos which would be more amenable to his utopian dream.

This would be brought about by what Gramsci called “marching through the institutions.” Upon infiltrating and then taking over these entities they were then to be cleverly repurposed in order to generate the optics necessary to overturn the prevailing societal gestalt. Such is the power of cultural reprogramming that even seemingly inviolable concepts, for example that of marriage being recognized as a long term, legally binding and religiously viable, monogamous relationship between a man and a woman, can be overwritten, much like computer code.

But what is the real danger in having the ability and will to be able to finance a leftist “rent-a-mob” at a moment’s notice?

The answer lies in being able to organize large numbers of people [almost like pieces on a chessboard] using the total interconnectedness of modern electronic media [about which Marshall McLuhan so presciently wrote] where people live inside a constantly swirling morass of information, images and the like. Such a level of influence is hard to underestimate; being able to control both the input as well as the output of what now has to be considered the universal library of common wisdom is formidable.

This is the playground of the news and infotainment industry and these folks understand the game quite well.

How this is accomplished is purposeful; ideas for events designed to rewire public perception are developed, story lines and even news copy is shopped and modified during conference calls and electronic exchanges between writers and funders and from this a narrative emerges; thus a kind of meta-theory of causation is arrived at. For example, “hands up don’t shoot” representing the contention that white police officers are actively engaged in hunting young black men, as if it is some kind of sick sport despite the fact that the allegation is provably absurd.

These narratives are very important in reshaping public perceptions because upon enough repetition they assume the stature of cultural totems, fully capable of pushing societal opinions in a more extreme direction.

Enter a term we really dislike “fake news,” which though nominally correct to a degree is much more than that. What is happening throughout the process is identical to the agitprop at which the now moribund Soviet Union excelled.

The funders delivers the protesters, the media being ideologically in lock-step with those paying the bills as well as the participants, and almost magically, the event becomes front page, above the fold propaganda in major newspapers [and "breaking news" on television networks] throughout the Western world.

Thus a false reality is created in exactly the same manner that the humiliating treatment at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by a handful of misfits became the face of Operation Iraqi Freedom, even though the numbers involved were infinitesimal in the scheme of things.

When one sees prisoners on all fours [many of whom were NOT nice guys] wearing leather collars and being led around on a leash like dogs [an unclean beast in most Islamic cultures] that becomes something of a sigil, an extraordinarily powerful symbol that largely bypasses the rational mind and burns its way into the psyche of a public that knows little if anything else about the matter except for that lasting feeling of revulsion.

Think of it as politicized movie making for the mind disguised as unbiased news reportage.

The media by its very nature has every reason not to examine the building blocks of how these new age morality plays are assembled so the general public remains in the dark about how their emotions are being toyed with.

It’s really no different than when some lefty animal rights group displays a pathetic image of an abused animal and then stands back watching as the money flows in. But there is an additional catch in that even when one knows they are being toyed with, carefully crafted symbolic representations supporting aspects of political ideologies are still hard to resist. They are that powerful which is of course why this entire process has been demonstrably successful and has such an extraordinarily dangerous potential.

Given the increasingly extreme nature [and size] of these manufactured events - the wanton destruction and physical assaults - makes a good case why the activities of people such as Soros need to be closely monitored by the DOJ.

Political discourse and boisterous protests are as American as the First Amendment, instigating violent revolution and enforcing the party line in the form of intolerance that results in bodily harm however are not; it has to be seen as an existential threat.

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