Viktor Orbán - Europe’s Last Hope?

January 10, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - Viktor Mihály Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister [and leader of the Fidesz party] has continually been in the news for at least the last year, due to his passionate opposition to Middle Eastern [especially Syrian] “refugees” immigrating to Hungary.

Orbán has a long political record of opposing totalitarianism, coming to public prominence over his opposition to the occupation of Hungary by the Soviet Union during the Cold War period.

Since then he has quickly risen as perhaps the chief proponent in Europe of a brand of nationalistic populism which highly values the cultural mores of the continent’s native born. Hence his resistance to the Islamic hijrah which is streaming Westwards primarily through the choke point, Turkey is entirely natural and consistent.

Orbán’s simple but blunt eloquence, fearlessness and rejection of the EU’s globalism has made him something of a talisman in what has become Western Civilization’s fight to maintain its classically liberal democratic, Judeo/Christian founding principals.

In a little noted speech in mid September, Orbán expanded upon a theme that has heretofore been something of a Western third rail as far as political speech is considered. Had he made the same remarks in Germany, the UK, Sweden or just about any other Western European country, he would most likely have been subjected to civil prosecution, along the lines of that directed at Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands’ PVV [freedom] party [see for example, On Trial For “Hate Speech,” Dutch MP Geert Wilders Makes Final Argument ,]

In a fascinating piece [see, Rebecca Perring & Agnes Kegl, Christians BEFORE Islam: Orban blasts EU over migration and demands 'SINKING' of Med boats , Express UK] written at the time, the Prime Minister made the case that unless the West acts quickly to halt the entry of the Syrian/ME “refugees,” it will at some point lose the core of its tolerant culture and become another victim of the global Islamic jihad.

“The political war based on the topic of migration is a great opportunity for both parties. For them, it is a great chance to destroy the Europe that is based on the conception of Christianity and nationality; to completely alter the ethnic-based foundations of the EU…They [the EU’s ruling elite] know that Muslims will never vote for a party with Christian roots, so with the huge volume of Muslims the conservative parties will be crowded out of power. But this war is also a great opportunity for the supporters of the nation states with Christian roots."

Orbán has already constructed a series of fences to prevent the Westward flow of “immigrants,” many of whom are using Eastern Europe as the key point of entry as they inexorably flow towards Germany, Sweden and other countries with similarly aligned political values. Towards that end he has proposed the construction of even more substantial barriers to impede unauthorized entry into Hungary.

We have noted over the last year that Mr. Orbán is being treated with greater deference [read fairness] by the media as his philosophy continues to rapidly spread. This is of course good news as far as winning the cultural battle in which the West finds itself embroiled.

Whether or not his views become the norm rather than simply a very noisy minority opinion remains to be seen. The primary impediment to Orbán succeeding lies within the unelected leadership of the EU, whose imperious rule is showing signs that it may be heading towards meltdown mode what with the recent Brexit vote in the UK as well as the November election of another nativist populist, Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Hungary being a small country, far from the corridors of European power, almost guarantees that the Western media will for the most part be able to continue to ignore its challenge to the suicidal orthodoxy coming out of Brussels.

However, as the movement spreads that will no longer be the case and then perhaps a real discussion of what it means to be a member of Western Civilization just may occur.

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