Communist Party USA: Progs Should Take Over Town Hall Meetings

February 23, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - – The latest communiqué from the Communist Party USA [ CPUSA] urges its members to join with other American leftist groups in taking over the various town halls meetings that members of Congress routinely hold as a form of communicating with the electorate.

What this really means is that the Progs and Marxists are astroturfing the technique that was developed organically by the Tea Party in which actual constituents expressed displeasure with GOPers conducting business as usual and failing to challenge Obama as he was ramming OCare and other initiatives through the legislature.

The methodology proved to be highly successful, leading to the capture of one and then both houses of Congress with the icing on the proverbial cake being provided by president Trump’s victory in November.

The left is in permanent butt-hurt mode now that it is no longer even a national party. Its response is to bus in paid outside agitators into the town hall events around the country [complete with preprinted “protest” signs] and thus give the media the opportunity to run with the narrative that president Trump and his policies are so unpopular that even the GOP electorate is up in arms.

“Protests are taking place at GOP townhalls all over the country. It's all over the news: Over 300 events have been scheduled. Repealing Obamacare and deporting immigrants are at the top of the agenda.

Have you joined one? We wrote to you about it last week.

We strongly encourage you to join these efforts where they are taking place and to initiate them when they're not. A great organizing link is available to help organize and locate upcoming events. All you have to do is put in your zip code to get started.

Please send us a note at and let us know if you have or will help organize or participate in one of these events. Videos and photos are appreciated!


John Bachtell” [Chair, CPUSA]

In what should prove to be a bit of insight regarding Bachtell and the CPUSA’s disconnected perspective, Bachtell’s wiki page suggests that Venezuela is a good example of where the CPUSA intends to take America, never mind that Venezuela is a basket case economically and that people are starving to death under the misguided socialist policies that were imposed on the country by Hugo Chávez.

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