Sweden Imploding - Jihadist Muslim Immigrants Launch Fire Bomb Attack

February 22, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a prophetic piece written three and a half years ago [source, Cheryl Gatesworth, Adjo [Goodbye] Sweden , PipeLineNews.org] we predicted that Sweden would be hard pressed to survive the influx of Muslims that these foolish people had invited into their country.

Not only were we correct in that prognostication, but the speed of societal disintegration is increasing at a pace we had imagined.

From that piece:

“Since Sweden officially decided to become a “multicultural” country [1975’s Proposition Bill 26, which was unanimously adopted by Parliament] the violent crime rate has quadrupled. [see, Violent crime explosion in Sweden between 1975-2012 dominated by Muslims ].

In the recent past, Sweden had virtually no crime, especially offenses of a sexual nature. Now Stockholm is the rape capital of Europe, and Sweden is second only to South Africa in the number of rapes committed per year. [source, Daniel Greenfield, 1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500% FrontPage Mag]. In the vast majority of cases, the perpetrator is a Muslim and the victim referred to as ‘easy meat.’”

So it wasn’t really that extraordinary when a few nights ago Islamic mobs pelted police with rocks and bottles after a drug arrest on the underground in Rinkeby, Sweden. Absent a stern reaction by law enforcement the violence quickly spun out of control as the melee worked its way up to street level where people were attacked and cars were indiscriminately torched. Though Swedish police very seldom employ live fire, the telltale “pop-pop-pop” was evident on recordings as the battle raged over a period of hours. Apparently no one was seriously hurt as local hospitals reported no admissions for gunshot wounds.

Though this most recent expression of Islamic hatred towards the host society might be a little more over the top compared to “your average” minor riot, the spectacle of Muslims attacking native Swedes and their property is so commonplace that it is no longer really considered news by the country’s media. Complicating matters, as it is in the United States, European news rooms have stringently enforced rules against casting Muslims and other protected classes in a poor light, even if they are the ones burning down neighborhoods and engaging in grotesque expressions of sexual violence.

As if to underline this “self restraint” [censorship] the only reason we even became aware of these attacks in the English press was because of the grander scale of the mayhem.

Generally speaking the immigrants from the Middle East have nothing to contribute to civilized cultures. Worse, their presence is a drag on the polity since these people have proven highly adept in two areas, commission of violent crimes far out of proportion to their numbers and wide-scale adoption of life on the public dole. As newly arrived immigrants, they receive free housing and welfare benefits immediately, which explains why 5,000 Muslims pour in each month.

Once given refuge however these same people, rather than trying to acculturate, seemingly devote most of their energy to replicating the shitholes from which they fled. The corrosive pressure is constant, eating society room by room, block by block as they congregate in self-selected ghettoes, which are no-go-zones for the police.

Like the Eloi, the good but ignorant human foodstuff of the subterranean Morelocks in H.G.Wells’ The Time Machine, this type of behavior seems so self evidently harmful that one might expect the state to react as it did historically when its legitimacy was under attack - as it is across Europe today - and crush the insurgents and most certainly stop the inflow of malcontents.

But why isn’t it working that way since watching this unfold from the outside it makes no sense? It’s not until you connect the ideological and religious dots that a potential explanation looms.

Religion, if not dead, is certainly in intensive care in the land of our forbears so a metaphysical pall of sorts has descended over much of the land, enveloping all that it contacts much like the heavily polluted factory smoke that made London of the late 19th century, nearly unlivable.

Since some form of religious belief seems to be a constant across all of recorded human history, and with the [especially Western] Euro types having abandoned their churches, often with good cause, what fills the void? Mostly it’s a belief structure that bears the mark of the philosophically relativistic hodge-podge we call progressivism or Marxism, which is sufficiently complex in form to function as a secular religion, in this case one which hates Christians, Jews and tradition.

This post-modern way of perceiving life has been ingrained since birth, generation upon generation by all the social forces that define culture and it’s constantly reinforced by officialdom where newspaper editors, television producers and the like might as well be giving their directives from pulpits.

Untouched by the forces that led to the Reformation, the concepts such as “hate speech” have been incorporated into the criminal code which gives governments [especially the executive functions] on the other side of the Atlantic a distinctly odd theocratic flavor.

This results in those who aren’t disciples of the new creed nonetheless being forced to worship at the state’s omnipresent church or find themselves facing the wrath of the local constabulatory.

The idea of “hate speech” is really a post World War II consequence of relativism and multiculturalism which holds that all social systems are morally/ethically equivalent. Understandably if that has been written into the law and one expresses the opinion that Muslim immigration must be halted because Islamic cultures are difficult to get along with, naturally imperialistic and frequently violent one is not only breaking the law, but in a deeper sense guilty of the religious offense of heresy with the state taking the place of the Holy See.

It’s difficult to construct a dialectic much different than the one above that is still capable of adequately explaining the cause of Sweden’s slow suicide, unless we are willing to believe that an entire nation has gone insane, which is of course a crazy idea.

As relativistic tolerance - a justification really of leftist intolerance - became an increasingly strong social force, citizens with differing opinions on these subjects started feeling constrained to express themselves publicly. In most circumstances the worst that would occur for breaking the unwritten behavioral code would entail being labeled a bigot or hater and thus face ostracism and/or shaming. However when elevated to the status of law, then one is stepping back into a very dark place in recent European history, one in which deviant thoughts became criminal activity.

There is one more factor in play here, that is certainly understandable while speaking to a larger truth.

The same Swedish police officer who is so bold in nastily dispensing a speeding ticket to a fair skinned, blond headed, blue eyed citizen blanches at the thought of even politely asking the residents of Muslim ghettoes not to block the streets when they pray.

The officer absolutely knows that the native Swede will probably accept the ticket contritely and quickly pay whatever the fine might be, however the same policeman would know from prior experience that even entering the Muslim part of a town might get him killed.

Thus this poor civil servant is caught betwixt and between warring realities. He knows with certainty that these people are dangerous and that Sweden’s Islamic population is already at war with the greater society, but at the same time also understanding that merely speaking this same truth might well also lead him down the path to ruination.

So, trapped between the pincers of a codified anti-Western sacralized ideology and the very real threat of violence at the hands of one’s Muslim neighbors, the Swedes plod on in a fog of confusion as to why this is happening to their once beautiful country.

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