The Original Islamophobia Scam - 20th Anniversary Of the Runnymede Report

December 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - It’s this never-ending, churning process of social upheaval to which the modern progressive/neo-Marxists are heir. Always be mindful that truly revolutionary ideologies [this includes Islamism] bridle at the thought of concession or half-measures. Their demands always exceed society’s capacity to accommodate and this is by design. It’s typified in the popular revolutionary slogan, “we want the world and we want it now.” Though they won’t abide anything but total victory, these people are above all patient and blindingly full of themselves in the belief that the way of life they wish to impose on everyone else is an historical inevitability. This accounts for the endless negotiations in which they participate, while clandestinely continuing to chip at foundational elements.

We call the reader’s attention to a recent case study [source, WTF File Vol. I No. II - Ex-Chair of Brit ‘Human Rights Commission” Shocked: Muslims Won’t Assimilate , April 11, 2016,] which relates the story of how a once high-flying British bureaucrat, manipulated British culture to literally create the term Islamophobia. He did this with clear purpose, intending to then monetarily farm, through various organizations, consultancies and agencies, this freshly plowed field. The techniques used by Mr. Phillips as described below seem to have been lifted directly from the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci’s playbook:

Though the party in question, Trevor Phillips, is now attempting to publicly distance himself from the multicultural Islamist horse-shit he force fed the British public during his stormy tenure as the excessively compensated chair of the country’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, upon investigation, his spiel rings false. After looking at his long shady record, actually Phillips seems to mostly be concerned with rebranding himself as a born again anti-Islamist.

"Phillips commissioned “ the Runnymede report ” into Britain and Islamophobia in 1997 which, according to both Phillips himself and academics across the country, popularised the phrase which has now become synonymous with any criticism - legitimate or not - of Islam or Muslims." [source, Raheem Kassam, UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised The Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Muslims Would Blend into Britain , Breitbart]

But in order to better grasp the flow of events here, let’s step back nearly 20 years, where we learn that it was Phillips who - far more than merely commissioning a study, which we are led to believe got a bit sideways - ran the lefty think tank which got the ball rolling. The Runnymede report was generated by an organization, the Runnymede Trust, which in turn created the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia , which then issued the report.

This is the typical leftist shell-game, concealing linkages as to give the look of propriety to propaganda. According to the organization’s Wiki , Phillips chaired Runnymede from 1993-1998, the operative time-frame during which the “report” and “Islamophobia” were injected into the intellectual marketplace Of note, even the notoriously progressive Wiki characterized Runnymede as “a left-wing think tank.”

So it might be said that Phillips created the market in which the EHRC [at least temporarily] thrived, as from the outset the organization generated controversy. As Chair of EHRC he was paid £160,000 on a pro-rata basis [considerably more than the British PM ] with compensation adjusted according to a planned for, eventually less than full-time role, by the Chair.

If one were asked to describe the outfit it would be charitable to say that EHRC was so chronically mismanaged during Phillips’ watch - 2006-2012 - that, fairly quickly it lost all credibility as well as half of its funding and staff, a development almost unheard of in modern bureaucracies.

“The Equality and Human Rights Commission has been stripped of its duty to promote a society with equal opportunity for all and had its budget and workforce halved, the government has announced. The move comes days after the watchdog chided ministers for failing to consider how crucial policies would affect women, disabled people and ethnic minorities. The EHRC has long been a bugbear for the Tory right who see it as a relic of the past. It has also been criticised by MPs for financial mismanagement after the National Audit Office (NAO) refused to sign off the commission's accounts for three years in a row.” [source, Equality and Human Rights Commission has workforce halved , UK Guardian]

More to the point are the strong hints of corruption/conflicts of interest attending Phillips’ stewardship which were considered so grave that a formal investigation by Parliament was instituted.

Chief among the concerns was Phillips having set up a private consultancy group - Equate Organisation - which provided counsel for profit to the same universe of organizations which fell subject to the social justice warriors at EHRC.

“Mr. Phillips is also the co-founder of the Equate Organisation, which was incorporated in February 2007. This is a consultancy specialising in the management of diversity. Its website,, prominently features a picture of Mr. Phillips on every page and identifies him as chair of the EHRC, as well as "one of the leading experts on equality and diversity policy in Europe". Such expertise must be important for Equate, since Mr. Phillips' co-founder, Charles Armitage, is described as "a respected media entrepreneur specialising in maximising intellectual property and talent management", and would seem to have no particular qualifications to advise on equality and diversity.” [source, Michael Rubenstein, Trevor Phillips Moonlights , Michael Rubenstein Publishing]

The official investigation however is a bit more damning. Throughout the affair Phillips was evasive and it was not until pressed hard by those conducting the inquiry that he reluctantly provided the initially asked for information, albeit after having been backed into a corner.

The following testimony relates to the obvious conflict of interest involved in Phillips chairing a government organization while being involved in an outside group which promised to remediate the type of charges which EHRC could level:

"Q137 Lord Lester of Herne Hill : Could I ask about conflicts of interest? You are the co-founder of the Equate Organisation consultancy.

Mr. Phillips: Correct.

Q138 Lord Lester of Herne Hill : I think you are a majority shareholder?

Mr. Phillips: I am not now. I was as at the beginning but I am not now.

Q139 Lord Lester of Herne Hill : Dr Brewer, the chief executive, it seems from what we have read, repeatedly tried to persuade you to stand down from the Equate consultancy to remove the perceived conflict of interest between your function as Chair of the Commission and your private financial interest. Is that correct?

Mr. Phillips: No…

Q141 Lord Lester of Herne Hill : You did not hear my question, I think. My question was whether it was right that the chief executive repeatedly sought to persuade you to remove the perceived conflict of interest and you said that is not right, but are you sure about that?

Mr. Phillips: The chief executive gave me advice about this, as did the Commission’s own lawyers and, indeed, my own lawyers.

Q142 Lord Lester of Herne Hill : What was their advice?

Mr. Phillips: That there would be a perceived conflict of interest." [source from Equality and Human Rights Commission, Thirteenth Report of Session 2009-10 , p. 67-8]

Nothing about Phillips rings true since it was his intention to create an industry which he then set out to thoroughly exploit; so rather than be celebrated as a singular voice of [repentant] reason from the British Isles, he should be seen for what he is, a self-promoting charlatan, incapable of telling the truth. We expect to see Phillips on the rubber chicken lecture circuit soon along with other frauds such as fellow Brit, Maajid Nawaz, a professional taqiyya artist.”

So as should be apparent, modifying with an eye towards radically changing cultural narratives isn’t that difficult, assuming one has sufficient official stature and power to pull the levers along with the political skill to execute such a devious plan.

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