San Francisco Juries’ “White Privilege” Acquittal

Panel of “San Francisco’s Finest” Release Illegal Alien Admitted Killer

December 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA – Yesterday’s monstrous miscarriage of justice in the trial of the admitted killer of Kate Steinle - Jose Garcia Zarate - is only the latest outrage to come out of the San Francisco Bay Area environs.

This correspondent was expecting such an outcome; and actually, considering the zeitgeist that permeates the population centers on the West Coast, it is the natural consequence of a mindset where wetback killers of humans are deified and go free while fisherman are jailed and substantially fined for shooting predatory sea lions.

Two years ago Zarate was released from custody after SF prosecutors declined to prosecute the three time loser and also refused to hand him over to ICE, an act which in hind sight sealed Steinle’s fate.

“In March 2015, when Garcia Zarate finished his third federal prison term for felony reentry into the United States from Mexico, he was turned over to San Francisco on a decades-old bench warrant for alleged marijuana possession. Prosecutors declined to file charges.” [source, Brittny Mejia and Alene Tchekmedyian, Immigrant deported multiple times found not guilty in slaying of Kathryn Steinle , LA Times]

Leading the Sheriff’s Department at the time was Ross Mirkarimi who could serve as the official poster boy for crazed leftist California politicians.

Mirkarimi is a swine, charged with domestic violence/battery and child endangerment; he was convicted of false imprisonment. Despite this seemingly disqualifying impediment Mirkarimi was judged fit to continue “serving” the community until he was defeated in 2015 by Vicki Hennessy.

Mirkarimi was also the co-founder of California’s Marxist Green Party and generally lacked the credentials to even consider working in law enforcement - his previous experience being having served on San Fran’s legendarily whacked-out Board of Supervisors. Perhaps of more concern, San Francisco’s anti-gun “Sheriff” failed his handgun qualification test and was thus not permitted to carry his duty weapon . It is also strongly suspected that Mirakirimi retaliated against the presiding range officer in a fit of pique.

The acquittal of Zarate can only be understood as flowing from the increasing hostility against Caucasians across the nation which is driven by the revolutionary class warfare of the American Marxist left, that now - despite protests to the contrary - includes the entirety of the Democrat leadership and entirely too many on the other side of the aisle.

The left’s plan is simple; its goal is to forcibly change the demographics of the United States, ignoring the borders in hopes of drowning the country in a flood of low IQ, illiterate, unskilled and often criminal foreigners who will reliably become part of the permanent dependant under class, of course while reliably voting Democrat.

For our readers outside of California, the degree of cultural change that has occurred here over just the last 20 years is really incomprehensible.

For example in January public sale of marijuana will become entirely legal while the Sacramento legislature has ruled [and affirmed upon appeal] to criminalize the once entirely legal purchase of ammunition if the exchange is not made face-to-face in a “licensed environment,” hence law abiding gun owners will no longer to be able to shop on the Internet and thus will be left to the tender mercies of California’s increasingly hostile gun shops where ammunition will most assuredly be scalped.

In a very real way, yesterdays horrific ruling in the Steinle case must be understood as a declaration of war against white people wherein illegal Mexican scumbags and other degenerates are deified as class warfare heroes.

This is the stuff of which revolutions are born.

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