HAMAS Terror Leader Yahya Sinwar Signs On As Iranian Puppet

August 28, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – HAMAS’ terror leader, Yahya Sinwar [born, Yahya Ibrahim Hassan Sinwar] held his first news conference today after having taken over the reins of HAMAS in February, replacing the long time leader, Khaled Mashal.

Upon assuming office Sinwar has spent the majority of his time repairing the strained relationship between the terrorist outfit and the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

At the press conference Sinwar stated that:

“[Iran is}…the largest backer financially and militarily” of the group as it prepares for war against the state of Israel; as he termed it, “developing our military strength in order to liberate ‘Palestine.’” [source, Hamas leader in Gaza: Ties with Iran now ‘fantastic’; we’re preparing battle for Palestine , Times of Israel]

Copping a defiant tone, Sinwar claimed that Hamas is, “…not afraid of a war and are ready for it,” while adding that “The Iranian military support to Hamas and al-Qassam is strategic,” and that the state of relations between the two entities has, “become fantastic and returned to its former era.”

As leader of HAMAS, Sinwar’s will be able to draw upon his 35 year history as a terrorist [first arrested in 1982] though given the organization’s record, Israel could decapitate the group at a time of its own choosing.

The “new” relationship with Iran was cemented earlier in August when an HAMAS delegation traveled to Tehran to witness the inauguration of Iran’s new secular leader, Hassan Rouhani.

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