“Killed By A Negro” - Massa Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt’s Slaveholding Ancestor

August 16, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The media is in the anti-Trump slop-froth of the week, this go ‘round alleging that the President of the United States is a white power, David Duke loving racist. So over the top is some of this mendacity that one might be led to believe that Trump has the smoldering embers of burnt crosses hidden behind his desk in the Oval Office.

However as the cable networks throw this bilge around, inconvenient, but genuinely relevant truths emerge. Case in point, CNN’s media darling, anchor Anderson Cooper, born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, his family on his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s side having been among the richest in the United States.

But since being rich is only a sin if the party is…let’s say President Donald J. Trump, let’s not go there. It’s unseemly and entirely too easy a jab to take…especially since his net worth has been estimated by some sources as being only $100M , pocket change for Mr. Trump.

But hidden away for years now is a video segment produced by PBS during which Cooper is introduced [we highly suspect, not for the first time] to his Fourth Great Grandfather, Burel Boykin who lived during the middle 19 th century.

But what is so novel about having a relative who was alive during the grand American debate [read Civil War] about slavery, it just means he has deep roots…right?

Not exactly...as it turns out that Cooper’s great, great, great, great grandpa Burel Boykin, was not only a slave owner but one apparently so vile that he was murdered in 1860, as the Census Records state, “Killed by a Negro.”

Of course the poor wretch was immediately lynched without a trial.

But as is the case with Cultural Marxists, Cooper’s fomenting of class warfare is always high on the agenda, meaning he was all over stoking racial tensions in a number of his own special productions, two of which target “racism” in children, of course those of the light skinned variety - Kids on Race, The Hidden Picture and Subconscious Racial Bias in Children .

In these and other productions as well as at his “day job” Cooper’s commentary is as always condescending as you would expect, even on matters close to kith and kin, such as slavery and “income inequality.”

We don’t expect a grand-awakening by the rich, white Cooper, now indelibly marked with America’s Original Sin, Slavery. No, he will continue to preen and virtue signal as a friend of the less well off and of course the matter so dear to his heart, the “downtrodden” black man, irrespective of the nasty little secrets hidden in his family pedigree.

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