Charlottesville And Beyond: Frankly My Dear, I Do Give A Damn

City On Lockdown, Pulls Website For 48 Hours, PR “Mailboxes Full”


August 14, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - Over the weekend, a group supporting the preservation of Southern - especially Civil War focused - historical artifacts, UniteTheRight, attempted to exercise its 1 st Amendment right to assemble in Charlottesville, Virginia’s “Emancipation Park” [which features a large statue of Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War] upon the authority of a duly executed city permit.

The controversy centered around the demands by some, both in and outside the area, to remove the statue of Lee upon the claim that the very presence of the effigy was racist and an affront to black citizens.

It was and remains the position of UniteTheRight that removing publicly displayed objects that happen to offend the sensibility of certain individuals denies the right of all citizens to be exposed to the icons of previous ages, preventing them from having tangible access to their historical roots.

Once obtained, keeping the required event permit in effect was not an easy process for the UniteTheRight-ers.

It was first issued amidst little controversy, designating Emancipation Park as the rally site. However as the event drew near, the city revoked the permit for that location [a central downtown venue, just to the West of the University of Virginia] and instead demanded that the assembly could only be held in McIntire Park, which is essentially in a residential area about 6 miles north of the initial downtown location.

The group, represented by the Virginia ACLU sued the city of Charlottesville in U.S. District Court and Judge Glen E. Conrad ruled that the rally at Emancipation Park could go forward, much to the ire of local officials and the governor’s office.

But legal writs of this kind in America’s new repressive environment are often poorly [if at all] enforced. In actual practice it’s far worse than that since many city police departments seem devoted to the principle of punishing the patriotic, largely white, majority should they want to hold rallies, conduct protests or even attempt to deliver innocuous speeches at college campuses.

As far as much of Big Law Enforcement is concerned, American whites have no rights, as was the case in Charlottesville this weekend.

The fingerprints of these odious public officials are all over the death and mayhem that took place while they stood by. For example, surreptitiously over night, barricades had been placed by city workers in and around Emancipation Park apparently with the intention of limiting access and movement by rally members - not a good omen. At no point during what came to be an all out riot, did the Charlottesville Police make an effort to maintain order by keeping protesters and counter-protesters separated, the most basic technique of preventing violence in such situations. The State Police, all geared up like goon Robo-Cops, all super butch, merely stood by, awaiting the order by Governor McAuliffe to disperse the crowd.

As a reporter from National Public Radio, no right-wing outpost wrote:

“I was there and brought concerns directly to the Secretary of Public Safety and the head of the State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protesters and counter protesters was contributing to the potential violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an “unlawful assembly” and clear the area. [Sarah McCammon, Tweet, NPR]

In the ensuing madness, the rights of those who had followed the letter of the law in obtaining the necessary permissions to hold the rally were summarily denied by the intentional inaction of the Charlottesville police which refused to protect them from the “counter-protesters” AntiFa/BLM thugs who attacked them with metal poles, mace and even containers of acid.

At a subsequent, announced press conference Charlottesville police even refused to protect the organizer of UniteTheRight, Jason Kessler as he was kicked and punched by enraged leftists who once again succeeded in throttling the right.

Of particular note, Charlottesville’s police chief is the first black to hold that position [he commands 127 sworn officers]. Chief Thomas, though relatively new to the job has been less than fastidious about maintaining political neutrality, among other things having observed that VMI [Virginia Military Institute] turns out “ trained killers.

The lessons to be drawn by the violence in Charlottesville are not reassuring.

Thomas’ racial bias was fully on display this last weekend as he refused to execute his sworn duty for the only reason that seems apparent, that “whitey” was “getting his ass kicked in atonement for past [and never-ending] grievances.” Like a cancer, Thomas’ pro BLM/race-based, leftist politics have sadly bled into much of the command structure of American law enforcement, especially among its minority component.

Referencing the media, it is with near 100% unanimity that American journo has blamed the deadly Charlottesville riot on “white nationalists” and “supremacists,” and in doing so it has intentionally conflated “white” or “Caucasian” with “fascism” and “neo-Nazism” - their casus belli indicting over 75% of the American population.

In this effort they work hand-in-glove with the Cultural Marxists who have become the de-facto Schutzstaffel of the Deep State.

In this role the left’s street militia has adopted many of the tactics of the Islamic jihadists.

They stage false flag events, including the use of paid stooges in hope of incriminating innocent parties, they riot, loot and burn while cloaked in black kaffiyehs. Additionally the “progressive” bullies now have established relationships with domestic jihadist groups…even adopting the technique - rife in Europe and the Middle East - of Muslims hurling acid and other toxic and noxious chemical weapons at their opponents.

The ideology and method of operation for the new cultural Marxist fedayeen is entirely based upon identity/grievance/class warfare politics and like their Bolshevik ancestors violence is a necessary part of the “struggle.”

And it is this Marxist/Islamist nexus that should be of most concern to politically acute Americans as we can see no reason why groups like ISIS or Hezbollah which we know already maintain domestic terror cells, would refuse to ply their own special brand of carnage using conduits developed by the left.

On its face of course, the left’s war against Western norms is based upon absurd myths: colonialism, generalized bigotry, Islamophobia, patriarchal tyranny, xenophobia, genocidal white police officers...the litany is never-ending.

That these charges remain firmly wired into the brains of maybe 35% of the American population it does so set against the reality that this same supposedly bigoted white majority [actually about 77% of the U.S. population] twice elected a black man with a Muslim name and strong Islamist leanings as President of the United States.

As discontinuous as such a state of affairs may seem, it nonetheless remains true that the danger here is that super intolerant minorities have proven in the past to be able to subdue larger but disorganized, non-ideological, less vocal majorities which means that the long-term health of the West can only be guaranteed if the traditionalist/nativist right refuses to be subdued by Stalin’s children.

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