“Losing To Win” - Do The GOP Deep Staters Have A Doomsday Plan To Destroy Trump?

By William Mayer

August 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Please allow a brief preface, as this piece has been adapted from part of an epilogue to a new book about the Deep State that we intend to publish by the end of this month. It didn’t seem to really interface well with the larger work so it was removed with the idea of making it our August lead…and thus here it is.

In observing the open warfare against the CIC that is taking place in Washington, DC, the I95 corridor and the major centers where the power of the Deep State is most effectively exercised, it occurs to this writer that a great secret might be hidden in plain view.

Perhaps it’s a consequence of a kind of “deer in the headlights” scenario where a variety of especially dazzling baubles [the never-ending drumbeat of hysterical rumors that make up the manic 24x7, anti-Trump fake news cycle] have served to obscure a potentially deadly threat that lurks within the reflected glow.

A long-accepted and basic attribute of physics, mathematics and other hard sciences is that the more labored the hypothesis, the less likely that it may represent the solution or explanation of whatever phenomena is being examined. In this context, the ability to step back far enough to be able to engage in a meta-analysis, sometimes leads to a perfectly simple appearing, yet elegantly rigorous, internally coherent argument that proves the theory with a near ontogenetic level of certitude.

It’s the type of thing that might cause one to figuratively smack himself in the forehead, muttering “why couldn’t I see this before, it’s so simple?” Think of it as the E=MC2 effect, the invisible zebra set against a wall painted with black and white vertical stripes.

As this is being written we are only four days removed from an absurd little game having played out early Friday morning on the floor of the United States Senate where John McCain [mugging for the cameras - once again playing the tired ‘hero” card - making no effort to conceal an ugly red scar over his right eye, the result of a recent and serious operation] in a barely contained state of fury, killed consideration of a simple repeal of the failing ObamaCare plan by voting nay when the roll was called.

What would cause a thirty plus year veteran of, “the world’s most important debating society,” to stab his party’s newly elected President so publicly, especially when one takes into account that the vote itself was really unimportant outside of symbolism where it now looms in almost mythic proportion?

On the surface of course it’s just another spiteful example of John McCain’s vengeful and disproportional striking out at anyone who even looks askance at him, in this case the equivalent of bringing a flame-thrower to an arm wrestling match

Drilling down a bit, but still obvious, it was a slap at President Trump’s lonely but nonetheless Herculean effort to disentangle an already ailing health care system from the effect of Obama’s collectivist saddling of one-fifth of the economy with thousands of pages of arbitrary and capricious legislation that was actually designed to break American health care.

That this will certainly not be the last vote on the matter, something about which the Senator cannot help but be acutely aware, now seems tangential in that there might be a process going on here that greatly bears on how we on the right may need to conduct ourselves as the need to destroy the Deep State becomes ever more apparent.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, Sun Tzu wrote:

“War is the place where life and death meet; it is the road to destruction or survival. It demands study.”

By “study” the author meant every aspect of war including self-knowledge as well as a full understanding of the psychology, methods and goals of the adversary.

In warfare as in life it is best to have a battle plan which must be flexible and responsive upon the understanding that the first casualty of war is always the plan itself. Another indispensable consideration is what in modern times has become known as the fail-safe, the last ditch contingency plan designed to prevail when non-linear or outlying events catch one flat-footed and threaten the effort as a whole.

It is way of planning designed to turn weakness into strength, defeat into victory at a time when everything seemingly has gone wrong - here one might think of General Washington, desperate for a major victory, crossing the ice-choked Delaware River on Christmas day when he knew the Hessian mercenaries would be sleeping off their rum-soaked Yuletide celebration.

And it is in this area, where “thinking the unthinkable,” becomes the predominant consideration.

We know that the struggle that we are engaged in is for keeps, all the marbles. It’s the knock-down-drag-out that might well determine the future course of liberty in the West, or even possibly if the West will survive at all in any recognizable form.

So, though by itself, the aforementioned McCain healthcare vote means little, it may well be that at this point we have to start taking into consideration the aggregate effect of little data points which by themselves might appear insignificant or unconnected.

It should be apparent to anyone following the DC soap opera that the majority of the GOP establishment, which is thoroughly wrapped inside the Deep State, suffers the President only because it has no other choice.

If one remembers back to the time of the RNC Convention during the summer of 2016, there were even at that very late date - when it was obvious who the nominee was going to be - that a group of dead-enders surfaced very publicly.

Though they have always claimed to be “conservative,” the media supporting this point of view, for example the writers associated with what was once William F. Buckley’s beloved neo-conservative National Review, were almost unanimously and very loudly ‘Never Trumpers.”

So completely had this sentiment captured those at NR that we can only think of Victor Davis Hanson, the periodical’s towering intellect, as not having had a dog in the fight.

Even Andy McCarthy, the former Federal Prosecutor who put the Blind Sheikh in jail for life [now being the “room temperature” Sheikh, no tears] aligned himself with the Never Trump people.

So it was only a slight surprise when the now departed Rich Lowry, formerly NR’s editor was publicly chumming the water of “conservative” discontent suggesting he had some magic alternative “truly conservative” candidate to be run against Trump in what would have been a disastrous floor-fight at the convention.

That party was David French, about whom we will make no further comment except that, as a boxing analyst might say, he did prove to punch well below his weight class.

Emboldened it seems by the NR types, came a truly astounding assortment of extremely influential supposed mainstream conservatives who bought full-page ads in major newspapers denouncing Trump in terms that made him sound like the personification of the anti-Christ, a degree of bile we have never seen used against the Democrat collectivists.

This suggested - proved actually - that as far as the presidency was concerned the supposed heavy hitters of the GOP actually preferred Hillary over Trump, some publicly saying that is how they intended to vote.

Yes that is still kind of mind blowing since any intellectual of a traditionalist bent should have damn well known that the election of Clinton would most likely have sealed the fate of the United States, at least as the Founders envisioned it.

Back to the Congressional majority, the Republican Party which had campaigned for over 8 years, almost to a man on the pledge to repeal and replace or simply repeal the detested and quickly rotting monstrosity called ObamaCare. Not only had the GOP committed itself to killing the legislation, but when Obama was president - and therefore when such actions were irrelevant except as show votes designed to impress their supporters - they voted dozens and dozens of times to do just what they said they would do for real if they were given the White House.

At the beginning of the campaign the big money, actually the UUUuuge money was channeled [by the odious Karl Rove] to a 30-watt dork of a candidate who couldn’t even seem to decide if he was Anglo or Mexican - Jeb “Low Energy” Bush - certainly the least pugnacious and unimpressive Bush ever to come out of that household.

But we know the story, Bush never actually even took off, instead flaming out while in a holding pattern despite the injection of hundreds-of-millions of [Deep State] dollars.

So upon the nomination and eventual election of Donald Trump, these “conservatives” pulled in their fangs temporarily, not wanting to swim against the current, at least out in the open.

As the hard/alt-Right suspected but now knows beyond a doubt, behind the scenes the swamp-aligned Republicans had their long knives honed to razor sharpness and were doing everything possible to scuttle the young presidency of “Daddy,” as Milo Yiannopoulos [the self-styled, and quite brilliant, “ Dangerous Faggot ”] fondly refers to him.

As the Deep State mainstream, of which the GOP is kind of a vestigial appendage, really went after the new CIC with a level of venom seldom seen publicly in presidential politics it seems apparent now that the GOP might be setting its own trap.

It might best be described as a kind of battlefield gambit in which a military commander sends a part of his force into the maw of machine gun emplacements to be mercilessly slaughtered so that the main force could then attack from the flanks or rear and destroy the enemy that was totally focused on the seemingly mindless frontal assault.

Too esoteric?

Ok, let’s bring it down to the nut cutting time, note the “performance” of the GOP Congress:

  • It refuses to move legislation.
  • Is uninterested in speedy approval of cabinet level and other officials. Unbelievably, of this writing the new Director of the FBI is still being held for ransom.
  • Calculatingly looks the other way when asked to abandon the cloture rules governing debate in the U.S. Senate that would break up the Democrat stranglehold.
  • Sides against the President on nearly every meaningful controversy and show no interest in beating back the insane Russian conspiracy accusations.
  • Never had a genuine desire to throttle ObamaCare during the campaign, nor does it now.
  • Continuing the outrage, the GOP majority has no interest in authorizing even a token amount to start the long-promised security wall between Mexico and the United States
  • It has cavalierly reneged, crossed fingers behind their back on the promise to defund Planned Parenthood and NPR.
  • Refuses to even bring to a committee vote the issue of tax-reform and repatriation of the trillions of dollars parked overseas by American multinationals because of the immense tax burden; U.S. corporate tax rates being the highest in the industrialized world.

“Our guys,” have shamelessly welshed on every promise that they made while riding the coat-tails of the Trump candidacy into office, proving that all of their stump speeches were just an exercise in gaming us…the base.

Their true colors thus exposed, it’s becoming increasingly clear what their end game might well be. The Congressional majority still, by and large, hates their President; actually the leadership doesn’t even appear to consider him as such. So to many of them Trump is just that bombastic blonde billionaire barbarian from New York City who somehow stole their thunder.

But despite all the intrigue directed against President Trump, even including the Mueller Inquisition, it seems that the Republicans will not be granted their most fervent wish, and the Deep States will ultimately fall short of removing the President from office.

What to do? The GOP doesn’t want change, they love big government nearly as much as the Democrats, who make no secret of the fact that they are pushing for a collectivist state.

So, and here is where this admittedly speculative exploration gets truly Machiavellian. This author thinks that the handwriting is increasingly being decoded from the scribbling on the wall of the Senate Cloakroom.

Looking a little deeper it appears that GOP may indeed have a fail-safe contingency plan of its own, ready to pull off the shelf, which will allow them to gracefully handcuff Trump, thus enabling them to continue to perpetuate the Deep State globalist agenda.

We can even visualize them yukking it up behind the scenes with their Democrat buds because their possible plan of action will guarantee continued invites to all of those swell Georgetown and Kalorama district parties.

The solution to the problems that the Trump presidency is causing them?

Make their base angry enough so that they lose one House of Congress in 2018

That is correct, work overtime to engineer their own defeat by resisting the President!

Voila, game, set and match; having lost control of the legislative branch they effectively leave the President dangling in the wind, at the same time absolving themselves from being forced to act against their shabby interests. There is even an added bonus in that they can then go back into the pretend defense mode with a straight face, again trotting out campaign promises that they have no intention of ever keeping.

The result?

The Deep State will be happy, the Democrat Party will be elated and the GOP will have made points all around the table…but there is one consequence that these people will never even marginally consider, let alone understand because they too are simply DC swamp rats.

If you think McCain’s antics are unhinged, they will seem like the height of refined courtly discourse compared to what will happen when it becomes clear to the hard-core, God, guns and glory boys and girls that they have been sold out - this time with ultimate finality – with THEIR CONGRESS having acted to legislatively geld the man they had worked so hard to elect.

Nothing will be able to stop the reaction - the sparkplugs of the nation, the hard working forgotten majority having worked for decades to drain the swamp and then thinking they had finally succeeded only to have that victory ripped from their bosoms, by their own leaders - seeing no way out, will choose to go to war

It could turn very nasty indeed, picture DC in total disarray with Congress and the White House smoldering, as if the clock had been turned back to the War of 1812.

What will happen then?

As previously observed, once warfare breaks out all bets are off. It will be impossible to foretell how it might shake out, U.S. Armed Forces will be deployed, local and regional law enforcement will also be on the streets, but none of that will matter because the intolerable acts of craven politicians - much like those of George III - will have galvanized a guerilla army numbering in the tens of millions.

All of those dreaded “assault” rifles will come out of hiding, mysteriously Semtex and C-4 will appear. Cyber warfare will be waged and America will either survive or go down in flames.

I will leave it to the reader to decide where he or she might fit into this nightmarish scenario should it happen,

As this correspondent views matters, there are things worth fighting and dying for and this republic is one of them. Will we refuse to stand down in the face of the darkness that is encircling the globe?

If so it will be because America is special and until the last of us falls it will always and forever be that “shining city on the hill.”

“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” - Barry Goldwater, 1964, 28th GOP Convention

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