BREAKING - U.S. Officials Watchful Regarding Activation of Domestic Iranian Terror Cells

Allegation: Jihad Network Hidden Within U.S. Mosques and Islamic Centers

April 8, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - - In June of 2011, this writer interviewed Reza Kahlili [a pseudonym] the author of a, A Time To Betray - The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran which detailed his journey from member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard to CIA informant. The book is still widely regarded as an important work, awarded the 2011 International Book Awards in two categories, "Autobiography/Memoirs" and "Best New Non-Fiction." It was also named, by the National Best Book Awards as the best non-fiction narrative in 2010. [see, William Mayer, Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations ,]

Though 6 years ahead of the curve, we believe this interview is perhaps more relevant now than when published given the events of the last week what with Iran’s puppet regime in Syria, headed by Bashar al-Assad, having been called to account for using Sarin gas on its people, with the Trump administration’s immediate flattening [4/6/17] of one of the dictator’s six air bases in retaliation.

What makes Mr. Khalili’s statement so chilling is his reference to the presence of Iranian sleeper cells within the domestic confines of the United States and the possibility that they could be activated at a moment’s notice by the Armageddon friendly Ayatollah’s in Tehran.

Below, an excerpt from that interview, please note the entire article appears direction below this piece.

“Q. What kind of presence does the IRG and Hezbollah have within the borders of the United States; are there numerous cells; are there no cells?

A. ‘...I'm going to quote to you Hassan Abbasi...he was the brains behind the strategy to bog the U.S. forces down in Iraq...he says...and he is very open about things...they have recognized about 800 sensitive sites within the U.S....when the time comes and the order comes, their cells...will attack many of these basically they have agents here...they have a large network here through Islamic student associations...they collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood...they do run a large network through the mosques in the U.S...’"

Though we have called attention to the fact so many times that it’s starting to resemble a broken record, Mr. Khalili [and we hear much the same from other sources] alleged at the time that these aborning terror cells are actually part of a network being run out of U.S. mosques and Islamic centers - coincidentally places which over the 8 years of Obama had been off limits to American intelligence surveillance.

So in a strange way this actually constitutes breaking news, which now finds further substantiation and relevancy via the reporting of Sarah Carter at Circa News:

“It has been one of American intelligence’s worst nightmares, that the Hezbollah group regarded as the A-team of the terrorist world might activate its sleeper cells inside the United States or its foot soldiers overseas targeting Western interests. After the U.S. missile strike directly on Syria on Thursday night, U.S. officials confirmed to Circa that intelligence agencies are watching closely for a possible retaliatory strike by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah against U.S. interest overseas. “We are very concerned about the possibility that Hezbollah could activate and be used against us, and we remain alert,” a senior U.S. official told Circa on Friday. [source, Sarah A. Carter, US intelligence keeps wary eye for Hezbollah retaliation after Syria missile strike ]

Though the uninitiated might dismiss the entire matter as part of some wild conspiracy, Iran has already been caught dead to rights in a really serious breach of national security, a failed attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States 6 years ago.

Unbelievably the man only received a 25 year sentence instead of being given a blindfold and cigarette party in front of a military firing squad.

As the Washington Post reported at the time:

“An Iranian American used-car salesman from Texas at the center of a bizarre plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Manhattan to 25 years in prison. Mannsor Arbabsiar, 58, had pleaded guilty in October to a charge of murder-for-hire and two counts of conspiracy for his role in attempting to orchestrate the 2011 bombing assassination of Adel al-Jubeir while the ambassador dined at Cafe Milano, an upscale Georgetown restaurant. Prosecutors said Arbabsiar was recruited by a cousin who was a senior official in the Quds Force, which in 2007 the Treasury Department designated a terrorist supporter, according to court papers. The group is part of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is closely aligned with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.” [source, Peter Finn, Man in Iran-backed plot to kill Saudi ambassador gets 25 years ]

What really seems to complete the circle here is Assad’s use of Sarin gas and president Trump’s massive retaliatory attack using upwards of 50 ship launched Tomahawk missiles.

Whether domestically produced or procured from either Iran or Russia [or possibly even left over from the WMD stores that intel sources say Saddam had convoyed into Syria and Lebanon immediately preceding Operation Iraqi Freedom] this would be the type of weapon that could cause intense societal discord even if used on a relatively limited basis.

Nothing seems to strike fear in the heart of civilized society as the prospect of a nasty frothing-mouth death brought about by an invisible agent, the origin of which would be difficult to trace.

It is for this reason that the FBI [and the CIA and NSA in the case of external connections] needs to rather quickly be repurposed away from the tawdry political operations that some elements within American intel had been running during the election and quickly deployed in reestablishing a legal surveillance network directed against potentially problematic U.S. Islamic organizations and institutions.

Such a threat would be existential in nature with the potential rending of the very fabric of America.

Perhaps Mr. Trump’s swift action [kinetic forward messaging] against Assad represents evidence that this CIC is not taking such a possibility lightly.

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