Charlotte Riots – Are Major Spankings in Order?

September 21, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - Perhaps we should preface this piece with the advisory that though some might consider it our Pollyanna edition, here we go anyway…

Milo Yiannopoulos, one of our rising alt-Right stars, refers to him affectionately as, “daddy,” the somewhat stern but always caring father many of us wished we had had during our formative years.

Of course “daddy” in Milo’s parlance, is GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose candidacy is driving the Marxists into apoplexia as his campaign appears to be steadily rolling towards a November 8 victory.

At this point in history, America might just need a daddy figure as badly as was the case during the Revolutionary War, when the similarly stern, but ram-rod straight George Washington guided the nation through its darkest days, throwing off the chains of British colonial bondage.

Item: last night, after what by all accounts seems to have been a thoroughly justified lethal force incident involving the police in the city of Charlotte, a very large group of “protesters” [nee, street animals] hit the asphalt with mayhem aforethought. Those who get off on this kind of depravity, were rewarded with what now seems to be de rigueur as these things go, the obligatory fires, lootings and generalized pillaging.

Of special concern, according to some news reports [re, We Out Like the Taliban, Daily Caller] at least some of these violent inner city denizens appear to be fashioning [and justifying in some form of bizarre self-induced psychosis] themselves along the lines of the Islamic mujahideen, which are currently laying waste to much of the world, busy making “Allah’s religion reign supreme”…a nasty enterprise from every conceivable angle and one thoroughly unwelcome within the confines of this United States.

Though the observation should be self evidence, nonetheless the media, according to a decade’s long established model of premeditated cultural subversion, is falling into line, with reportage designed to elevate vicious thugs to the status of courageous freedom fighters…shades of Che Guevara and Guatemala’s Daniel Ortega, both Democrat party icons.

This is troubling for many reasons, most of which should be obvious, so we’ll avoid any further commentary regarding that aspect of the Charlotte insurrection.

But snaking our way back to the thesis paragraph, Donald Trump as “daddy,” there is a bit more to say.

Any literate observer should have grasped by now that Western Civilization is in the midst of a genuine crisis, about which we have written extensively [to the point of publishing our soon to be released, 214 pg., primer on the matter, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West] over the last decade.

The state of Western affairs might be somewhat likened to what is commonly called “midlife crisis,” a condition experienced generally by middle aged males, as they start the painful transition from the invulnerability of youth, to the reality of the mortal nature of life.

This analogy however only goes so far because America is self-regenerative, technically it really can’t ever die. Outside of a cataclysm which is totally beyond our control and hence unworthy of comment; as our citizens transition from youth, to adolescence, through middle age responsibilities and stresses into old age, new ones are born and therefore the process is continuous.

Though only one of many ways of looking at the problems of the Free World which are in a symptomatic way on microcosmic display in Charlotte, perhaps Milo has edged towards the truth. America and the West desperately needs a daddy, a powerful, take no-shit, ready to rumble street [and boardroom] fighter whose gentle side might well restore some sense of reassurance that what we are going through are really growing pains of a sort and therefore amenable to rigorous “guidance.”

In this sense, America today – or at least its most important societal drivers - can be viewed as a headstrong rebellious youth who has had little discipline in his life, feels omnipotent and will gladly take whatever he can manage to grab.

Thus America could be, at this stage of its development, likened to a kid who deserves a good ass-whipping…not some brutal affair leaving black and blue strap marks, but rather one of the metaphorical type where junior is kept pensively waiting outside of daddy’s office not knowing what to expect but that he will be held to account. Inside the exterior bravado of the man-child, he remains quite fearful of how far pop will go to assert his authority, knowing that if he actually defies his father, “daddy” will drop his ass simply to prove that this type of rebellion will no longer be tolerated.

Now we already know that such talk will automatically trigger [to our immense sense of schadenfreude] the cake-eating, safe-space, wussy-boys out there…excellent…those triggers need to be pulled until that particular gun no longer goes bang.

Actually, this nation and the rest of the world who used to either look up to it, or simply fear its wrath, would be fortunately if our current state of dissolution could be halted by something as relatively benign as a firm hand on the tiller.

Is DT perfect?

Don’t be silly, of course not, but as the radio commercial goes, “you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent,” and at this point in history it would be our immense good fortune if that is all that is required to right this ship of state.

Go Trump, smash the Marxist left and up our righteousness little revolution.

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