A Thin Man’s Farewell Address to the United Nations


September 20, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - U.S. president, cum King, Zippy Hussein today made his farewell appearance before the body he hopes to someday chair, the United Nations.

In what has come to represent something of his signature stump speech, after excoriating his own[?] country nearly a dozen times, he took aim at Israel, warning the Jewish democracy that it must not, "permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land." [our emphasis]

Of course the statement was received with great enthusiasm within the assembled multitude of Jew hating third-world shithole dictators, thieves, torturers and cannibals.

So in that sense, O was preaching to the converted.

But while his assclown’s theatrics were going on in New York City, housed within the world’s most corrupt international organization…outside, the real world continued to spin.

Furthering our ongoing - entirely correct - narrative, that Europe is expressing its historical Jew hatred more openly every day while it coddles the Continent’s Islamo-Fascist invaders, today the JPost reports:

“Seventy percent of European Jews will not go to synagogue on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur this year…” [source, 70% of European Jews won’t go to shul on High Holy Days despite heightened security, Jerusalem Post]

Europe’s Jewish population is besieged on all sides both by the native born as well as the Qur’anically inspired newly arriving members of the hijra.

The Euros though do a fair bit of fancy footwork in trying to avoid the central critique that Jew hatred is rising at an alarming rate across all demographic lines, as the Continent’s puppet masters, those in Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, etc. continue to push the evil of the BDS/anti-“Zionist” movement, the current tip of the spear in the ideology of modern Judeophobia.

The degree of ferocity with which this sentiment is held was recently in full view during a meeting in the Netherlands attended by Israeli PM Netanyahu. It took place when the founder of the pro-jihadist organization Denk, a Turk - Tunahan Kuzu - engaged the PM in a laser weapon like stare down that should have, but didn’t, send chills among the audience.

Such is the nature of the evolving psychic makeup of West.

In mortal fear of “offending” the Islamic head-choppers who are quickly laying waste to the culture, many have redirected their wrath towards a more traditional and socially acceptable target, the Jews.

It is regrettable that most modern Jews tend towards pacifism, because our feeling is that if Jews will continue be hated no matter what, they might as well provide their persecutors with a real foundation for that sentiment.

How would Europe respond to an upsurge, not of continued predation on this mild mannered people who simply want to be left alone, but of the rise of small, proudly IRGUN inspired Jewish self-defense leagues from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Balkans?

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