Merkel’s Rapeugee Crisis: Whoops…Wasn’t There, You Didn’t See Me Do It

September 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - It wasn’t the type of admission that politicians are wont to make. As a matter of fact in this particular case, German Chancellor A. Merkel had to have her nose rubbed in the catastrophe that she and the “smartest people in Europe,” created when they welcomed [as if they were saints] well over 1M combative, jihadist-aged young Muslim men from…goodness knows where for sure…into the German heartland, before she publicly made a less than half-assed admission that she had armed a ticking time bomb, which now seems impossible to de-fuse.

Whoops…don’t you just hate it when that happens?

"We didn't embrace the problem in an appropriate way," she added. "That goes as well for protecting the external border of the Schengen area," she said, referring to the EU's passport-free and frontier-free zone. [source, Erik Kirschbaum and Andrea Shalal, Merkel admits mistakes made in Germany, EU with refugee crisis, Reuters]

This type of shoddy deportment is unremarkable, having come to expect the snotty, arrogance of people like Merkel, at best, an East German born, ex-commie, Cold War battle axe, due to past experience. But, still when viewing the sheer magnitude of the cultural disease which she has, with an emoji happy-face, unleashed, it is still hard to fathom.

Note, King Zippy Obama is well down an identical path, and if not stopped - non-violently - he will succeed in destroying the United States according to the master plan.

Paul Ryan-o to the white courtesy phone…Shaytan calling collect.

But Merkel has already been hopelessly outflanked, as tens and very soon, hundreds of thousands of Germans are taking to the streets with an intensity that is hard to believe from this gelded society.

Groups like Pegida - and the nationalist movement it represents, which we, among a few other new sources on the alt-Right have had the temerity to actually cover almost from its inception - [see for example, PEGIDA - Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West and Anti-Islamization: Massive German Demonstration Against Cultural Suicide ,] are gaining members so rapidly that hack establishment politicians are almost literally pissing in their pants.

Depends anyone?

Though people of the ilk of Merkel are now starting to be able to at least resolve the tip of the iceberg - however dimly - the Islamic hijrah has by no means struck Germany and the rest of Europe yet with full force and fury.

The Continental experience should serve both as a sobering fact as well as a warning to U.S. politicians and the increasingly detached looking never Trumpers, that the same societal typhoon has already touched down in America and threatens to grow, much, much stronger, bombs across the Atlantic coast and cleaver attacks being only the most recent reminders.

Americans, thank the Almighty, have not yet become Euro zombie castratos, though the Zippster and Toppling Hillary are working feverishly to bring that about, leading an army, such as it is, of snowflakes, pussies and cake-eaters. These children were largely raised in the hot houses of academia and watered with the evil waste products of Herbert Marcuse’s “situational tolerance.”

If this were 1955, considering the threat we are facing - the possible loss of not only America but the entire edifice of Western Civilization - Samuel P. Huntington, PhD, having actually undersold his entirely correct thesis [see, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order] - we’d be hearing wailing air-raid sirens across the land while seeing the National Guard preparing for mobilization.

That not being the case, with “conservatives” having permitted Lady Liberty to be gang-raped by cultural Marxists while they twiddled and wrote erudite articles, arguing among themelves which of them is the true heir of Edmund Burke, what we see in America’s seat of government is a genuine malignancy that can only be excised - if we are very lucky - on November 8.

Time is short; you know what needs to be done…smash the leftist/Islamist unholy alliance at your polling place…GO TRUMP.

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