Deutsche Welle’s “Guide to Refugees” - Celebrating Global Islamic Jihad

September 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – We had intended to write a piece about the ongoing civil unrest in the German city of Bautzen which has met the arrival of A. Merkel’s rapeugess in a reasonable fashion, with a cold shoulder as well as a poke in the nose.

But in further researching the matter we managed to turn up on the German legacy news website Deutsche Well [DW, hereafter] an entire section which it calls Germany Guide to Refugees.

Under that heading:

Bautzen is just a symbol - which basically castigates the residents of this small township located in Saxony as unreconstructed Nazis.

Switzerland is the new route for EU-bound refugees – as if DW is some kind of tour guide for gestating jihadists.

How to apply for asylum in Germany – ‘nuff said, entirely too much sensory overload to even characterize or comment upon.

The insanity of these “how to destroy the West” missives continues on with another dozen or so examples of what would in a non-deranged culture simply be comic zaniness…wish it were so. These writers are entirely serious, though we strongly doubt that any of these people are ready to welcome the typical combative male ME refugee into their homes to babysit their young daughters…or boys for that matter, as these folks seem to be equal opportunity sexual predators.

Why is this happening?

The explanation is far beyond the scope of this, or twenty standard 1,000 word articles, though we will thoroughly explore the matter in our soon to be released book, “Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West,” which will be available on Amazon.

In the mean time here are the super “zipped” Cliff’s Notes…

Over the last 150 years or so [read from the time of Marx, say 1873] the West has been under a sustained and so far successful attack, at first by Marx’s disciples but then by the institutions which have fallen like dominos to the cultural forces this alien philosophy intentionally refashioned, brick by brick.

The result is partially explained by Dr. Kenneth Levin’s ground-breaking thesis, “ The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions Of A People Under Siege;” a population under continuous siege/assault can eventually starts taking on the critique of the enemy. They ask themselves, “Why me? What have I done to deserve this?” and finding no reasonable answer adopt the enemy’s central thesis.

Do this for a century and a half and you get what has happened in Europe; a feminized, insecure culture entirely lacking in confidence…so much so that many native citizens of the Continent no longer believe that their way of life is even worth defending.

We offer DW’s “guide” as state’s exhibit “A.”

We sincerely hope you find this mini-analysis disturbing, it should be.

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