Merkel, Western Media’s Jew Hatred and Promotion of Genuine Nazism


September 16, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has, working along guidelines advocated by the felonious George Soros, successfully imported well over 1M Muslims into the German republic over the last 12 months or so.

The effect, when it is actually reported, has been catastrophic. A huge rise in anti-Semitism, generalized criminal behavior and specifically ghastly sex crimes committed by the sons of Allah - the Islamic deity apparently smiles more broadly on his male adherents; perish the thought that Islam might well be a misogynistic cult…

Things have gotten so bad in Deutschland that the German government and its various regional tendrils have undertaken a huge advertising campaign aimed at convincing the surly, soon to be jihadists that raping women and little boys is wrong.

Imagine that?

If someone had only told us…

Of course, this being the real world, the “reeducation” effort has been totally ineffective, with the societal disintegration Germany is experiencing mirroring similar developments across Western Europe where sex crimes, especially brutal rapes followed by murder of the victim have skyrocketed.

Fact: Sweden is now the per-capita rape capital of the world, a distinction certainly, but not one which is particularly admirable.

Of course all of this we can lay at the dirty feet of the Islamic invaders and their enabler such as the East German born, former communist, A. Merkel.

The native German people of today are generally of a button down, obedient nature. Even when faced with laws which they believe not to be in their interest, they tend to wait till the next election and remedy the inequity democratically.

But these are uncommon times. Native Germans have become, first, fearful that the culture is being threatened by the presence of Muslim hordes which people like Merkel and her handlers in Brussels have invited into the Teutonic hearth, and second seeing no reasonable redress, have taken, in increasing numbers and ferocity to the streets in protest.

The Western msm, true to form has sided with these incipient terrorists, labeling those who oppose this suicidal madness generically as “fascists” and/or “Nazis.” [see, FASCIST FIGHT NIGHT , all caps in original copy…typical].

Now this sets up some juxtapositions which are truly odd…

One doesn’t have to have Henry Steele Commager’s grasp of history to know that less than 100 years ago, Der Fatherland was immersed in a truly evil form of Fascism [that ideology itself being evil, but we digress] called Nazism, a totalitarian, expansionist, mindlessly bloodthirsty philosophy led by the most notorious Jew killer of all times, Adolph Hitler.

Since the study of history is rapidly dying, if not already dead, for readers not familiar with the Hitler epoch we suggest either wading through, Speer’s, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or possibly better yet, simply renting, Night and Fog…caution it will not be popcorn and flicks night.

Though Nazism was crushed by the Americans and Brits during World War II [it was in all the papers] the ideology lived on, tragically it having always been a subtext of European society.

So where are we going here?

Of all people on the face of this earth, the one which should be most thoroughly conversant with what a Nazi actually is, we are being led to believe, can no longer distinguish them from normal Germans who simply refuse to have their culture hijacked by ME animals, pretending to be poor, downtrodden dreamers only in search of a better way of life.

Though the media will not admit it, the German people know genuine Nazis when they see them and they are not the ones out in the middle of the night causing minor ruckuses around the country, objecting against the hijrah.

Though it’s no longer a novel idea to link Islamic ideology with Fascism [though the term is often used as “proof” by the powers that be of “Islamophobia”] actually Islamo-Fascism is one of the most evocatively correct and historically accurate terms one can use in describing normative Islam.

The parallels are so obvious that we don’t find it necessary to list them beyond the following brief reference:

“Ibn 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me) ; kill him. [source, Sahih Muslim [a collection of hadith] Book 041, Number 6981, UC Center for Muslim Jewish Engagement, no we are not making this up]

So, to make it as simple as possible; it is Merkel, the unelected government of the EU, the Western media, Continental Jew haters and of course Muslim apologists [arguably one in the same] who are disingenuously calling those who disapprove of their country being over-run AGAIN by a belligerent Fascist movement, Nazis.

The mind reels…

But why stop there, as proving the deceitful nature of the media and the linguistic tricks they employ to push an odious and mendacious narrative is child’s play.

Let’s explore this a bit further…

Fact: Jews are fleeing Europe at a rate not seen since at least since the very ugly days preceding World War II.


Because Euro governments basically hate Jews and love one of their most vicious historic persecutors.

As a result they refuse to protect their native Hebrew population while welcoming and subsidizing Middle Eastern representatives of a virulent Nazi culture.

Things have degraded to such an extent that some governments might as well be carrying out genuine pogroms on the Tsarist model, advising their Jewish populations to leave because their feminized, anti-Semitic politicians and accompanying Pink Poodle police don’t have the balls to do the right thing. Here we are giving them great benefit of doubt here because we truly believe that Jew hatred is now a de-facto and dominant component of “modern” Europe.

This filth has bled - especially under Obama, but here we have to include the policies of GHWB’s idiot son GW Bush - into U.S. foreign policy in a big way.

Since Bush has been bashed more than enough [much of which he truly deserves] we will simply state that absent a vocal Jewish presence in the U.S., King Zippy would probably already be openly arming Hezbollah with nukes.

In an historic speech a week ago, Israeli PM Netanyahu finally pulled off the gloves and told Obama to in effect fuck himself, a statement long past due.

Per an excellent piece by Caroline Glick:

“On Friday [Tuesday September 9] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu infuriated the Obama administration when he told the truth about the nature of the internationally supported Palestinian demand that Israel must transfer control over Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to the Palestinians Jew-free. In a video address posted to his Facebook page at around dawn Washington time, Netanyahu said, “The Palestinian leadership… demands a Palestinians state with one precondition: No Jews “There’s a phrase for that. It’s called ‘ethnic cleansing.’ And this demand is outrageous…”

The U.S. State Department’s reaction?

“We believe that using that type of terminology is inappropriate and unhelpful….We share the view of every past US administration and the strong consensus of the international community that ongoing settlement activity is an obstacle to peace. We continue to call on both sides to demonstrate with actions and policies a genuine commitment to the two-state solution.” [see, Caroline Glick, Netanyahu and the “otherwise enlightened”]


These are Jewish town and villages in Israel, a land which has had a nearly continuous Jewish presence for approximately 5,000 years...spare me, that's about 3,500 years longer than Islam has even been in existence.

Facts: There are no Palestinian people, there never has been a Palestinian state…and there will never be one, period.

Israel is Jewish, deserves to be Jewish and will move heaven and earth – assuming it is led by someone like Netanyahu – to remain that way.

There are at least 50 Muslim majority countries, all of them festering totalitarian shit-holes, yet the entire globe excoriates Israel which is not only a truly pluralistic democracy, it actually allows Jew hating Arabs to be members of the Knesset.

So when you read the Globe, Mirror, AP, WashPost, the NY Times or the screeds coming out of King Zippy’s state department, please keep the truth in mind…

The Jews are the good guys, the Muslims…not so much.

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