Special Series: Best Weapons for Personal Home Defense


September 15, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – This is the first of two companion articles, we suggest you devote some attention to both as they contain invaluable advice. The second in this series is a more wide ranging discussion including tactics.

That said, having noted on some conservative websites suggestions as to what they call “the best self-defense handguns,” and finding the advertising driven presentation offering weapons which are clearly absurd, we decided to approach the subject a little more comprehensively and in a way that is both respectful to the reader as well as the gravity of the political situation which demands our attention to the matter in the first place.

We consider it dogma that regardless of how the November 8 election turns out, that in its aftermath chances are extremely high that there will be a greater or lesser degree of civil strife. If Hillary manages to stay alive for the next 60 days and wins, her radical policies will eventually cause some form of insurrection. If Mr. Trump however, manages to pull off the triumph which now seems within his grasp, the left will go batshit crazy and the stuff will hit the fan in ways that peaceful citizens will find alarming.

Our “list” will be more appropriate and shorter than what we have seen bandied about on other venues, mostly because the author actually knows what he is talking about, a claim about which you will simply have to grant me the benefit of the doubt.

In consideration of simplicity we have chosen to present this information formatted in a numbered list, since writing a bunch of prose to support the basic suggestions might tend to cloud these serious matters.

Before we get started please understand that having your weapon[s] at the ready is really non-negotiable, there’s no use in owning them if you can’t very quickly have access.

Caveat: mixing children in a household with firearms requires extreme care and constant vigilance, though it is easily managed if prudence becomes the watchword. Forget about trigger locks - throw them away - your weapon must be ready to go “right now” but only when it is fully under your control at all times, meaning the firearm is never left unattended, ever.

That not being the case it should be locked up in a suitable gun safe that is childproof. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy but it absolutely has to ensure that junior will never be able to have access to it without your intense supervision. The safe should be sturdy enough to prevent theft should there be a break in and unwieldy enough to prevent a perp from merely walking away with it. Even a small safe securely attached to the floor joists or wall studs will do. If you don’t have the expertise, find a trusted party to do the work.

The first order of business? Join the NRA; don’t ask questions, just do it. The organization is freedom’s lifeline for without the right to keep and bear arms one becomes a subject, then a slave.

1. Perhaps most importantly, EVERY American citizen should possess at least one serviceable firearm, along with the skill necessary to help protect kith and kin. If all hell breaks loose, calling 911 will not do you any good and law enforcement [we love them] will be unable to render assistance. If you neighborhood comes under attack by thugs, terrorists or hooligans and you don’t have a firearm, forget about 911, just cut out the middle man and call the county coroner.

2. We will assume three basic level of firearms familiarity, the first comprised of total newbies or sometimes those maybe with only rudimentary hardware accompanied by a very marginal competence in its use. This includes many women, who have special problems in the area of self defense given they are generally physically weaker than men.

Women must understand that in the real world they will be targeted out of proportion in any kind of civil disturbance in numbers far above their statistical presence in population demographics…perps are usually males and perps…well you can fill in the blanks.

In the midst of civil unrest or a criminal home invasion, though we hate to say this, women will become sexually objectified far beyond what they are currently. Look to the Euro rape epidemic caused by Muslim male refugees if you doubt that statement.

Gals, unfortunately the truth is nasty, don’t become a statistic, fight back, a firearm responsibly handled is the great equalizer; as the old saying goes “God created man but Samuel Colt made them equal.” Repeat; if you must go down during the fight, take as many of them with you as possible.

3. The second level of user would include those with better than a modicum of familiarity with firearms. Many of these people already understand the basics though they might not have fired a weapon in a very long time, meaning that their general competency will be poor, especially under stress.

4. The third level will be individuals who regularly use firearms. These might include ex-military/law enforcement, serious hunters, competition shooters or simply firearm aficionados who like to target shoot and visit the range often, are safe, courteous and better than average marksmen and women.

5. Personal defense using firearms is a very complex matter, but we will try to simplify it a bit, as follows.

6. In our opinion the basic home defense weapons include a handgun for use during “in your face” confrontations and under the best of circumstances, at least one long gun [a rifle, shotgun or both] for keeping predators at bay, thus establishing some sort of defensible perimeter around your domicile.

7. Since any tool is useless without the ability to use it safely and in accordance with the laws dealing with the use of lethal force, some sort of training and research is absolutely required. It’s your responsibility to make this happen and it’s imperative that you spend some range time to gain a minimum level of competency. Using the Internet it should be easy enough to find a certified NRA instructor.

8. Ok, for the total newbies, in the handgun department we recommend a .22 caliber long rifle [22 LR, the basic “.22”] revolver, the higher the quality the better, our preference being Smith and Wesson, though there are numerous other, less expensive choices. This choice might offend the closet Rambos but there is no way for most inexperienced shooters to safely handle semi-automatic or very powerful handguns. Too many considerations, recoil, a plethora of buzzers, whistles, numerous dos and don’ts, the inability to easily determine if the weapon is hot [loaded round in chamber], how to quickly reload using magazines and how to clear the inevitable jams. It’s just information overload. I know this from much personal experience having provided basic training in handguns to many women, whom parenthetically, tend to be excellent students, not having to deal with testosterone induced foolishness.

9. It is not necessary to be able to hit a fly at 25 yards, one should concentrate on being able to place most shots into a circle about the size of a paper plate at a range of about 5-8 yards or so…again these are close up weapons. Despite the hooting we can already hear from the macho crowd out there, one does not need a handgun firing a large center fire cartridge to protect yourself. A couple of .22 LR rounds placed in the “A” zone [the center of the chest] or better in the head [the trend towards body armor dictating that] will dissuade all but the most determined assailant. Shot placement counts and one in the face will drop a perp like the ton of crap that he is.

10. The choice of a long gun for a newbie is fraught with problems since rifles are generally more difficult to master for many people. Stuff has to be manipulated; the butt of the rifle/shotgun has to be firmly placed correctly into the shoulder joint etc. So this will require some experimentation and perhaps a long gun will not be appropriate for everyone who falls into this category. If the will is there however we strongly recommend a combat type shotgun, in 20 gauge - avoid like the plague 12 gauges, the recoil is far too much for many people. In this category we recommend a short barreled [20” for maneuverability] Mossberg semi auto 20 gauge as being the best compromise. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to master WITH some assistance. Remember, semi-autos are an entirely different beast than manually operated firearms. Bonus, the gas operated mechanism that makes these things work tends to soak up some of the recoil and the next round is automatically placed in chamber as the used on is expelled. We suggest using the lightest target load available, you will have to consult with your ammo supplier for advice here. Again, u want to limit the fear factor caused by excessive recoil, you should never be afraid of your firearm, that’s a prescription for disaster in the same vein as using power tools that frighten you.

12. Now for the more experienced among you, I am sure you already have your predispositions, but please listen me out.

Your handgun should be something on the order of a Glock 17 [the choice of most police departments], with many magazines [sometimes incorrectly called “clips”]. If legal in your jurisdiction high capacity 15 round mags are the only way to go. If not 10 rounders are fine. Choosing Glock is an easy decision, because they are beyond tough and more than accurate enough, I have way more than 25k rounds through my .40 caliber Glock model 22 competition pistol and it’s still going strong [actually it is within arm’s reach] having had only 2 broken parts over that period of rough competition usage [dropped, kicked and generally knocked around] which were easily replaced. That’s as good as it gets when it comes to any kind of tool with a lot of moving parts. If you prefer SIG or Springfield or Colt be my guest, they will all do the job. If you are at this level then there are dozens upon dozens of suitable candidates, so just arm up.

Yes we know there are a lot of other choices as to cartridge, but 9mm technology in defensive ammo configuration, has come a very, very long way over the last 5 years or so which makes the round entirely satisfactory in a defensive role and since it has become kind of the default selection, practice ammo is cheap and the more you practice the better you will get so the cost of ammo is important.

The other choice would be the now 100 year old brilliant design of John Browning, the 1911 .45 caliber pistol. This is more an expert type weapon. It takes time to master it, but that big bullet will do things that no other common round will. The only difficulty with the 1911 is that magazines tend to top out at about 8 rounds, half the fire power of a Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P pistol [which are very similar]. The choice is yours. Personally I prefer the Glock for combat type applications and the 1911 for precision work as they tend to be more accurate.

13. Revisiting shotguns, even experienced shooter will quite often be better served with 20 gauge rather than with the bigger gun. Simply trust me on this, most men cannot handle the recoil of a big 12 with high velocity, heavy shot charges with any degree of dexterity. Additionally the 20 hits with nearly the same authority, so why beat yourself up in some mock display of manliness?

14. As to the high capacity semi auto, high power [“black” AR type] rifles, the kind that send lefties into seizures we counsel that if they are legal in your jurisdiction and if you are willing to put in considerable time, effort and money, go for it. Civilian battle rifles are called that for a reason, why be under-gunned when facing a bad guy with an AK? But don't be mistaken they are not home defense weapons, they are entirely too powerful - even the seemingly tiny .223 bullet will easily penetrate numerous walls before exiting your home and then striking goodness knows what. Don’t go there, this is a perimeter type weapon meant to engage in serious combat or establish a safety zone, hopefully along with similarly motivated neighbors. Such tactics are well beyond the intent of this piece.

Regarding the leftist epithets tossed at this class of weapon, remember the Kentucky long rifles that the Colonists used with deadly precision to defeat the Brits were the assault weapons of the day even though they were interminably slow to reload, finicky as to weather conditions [black powder and water don’t mix well] and of limited range.

Just for your information, a genuine assault rifle is a machine gun [think a Heckler and Koch MP5] and generally entirely off limits to civilians. Even if one does live in a state where they are permitted, and AFTER you have completed the necessary BATF paperwork along with paying the “tax.”, good used weapons will set you back a minimum of $25-30,000 bucks. Suggestion, forget it; they are of very limited use in any kind of scenario we can imagine outside of military service.

Regardless, the principle remains the same, in a life threatening confrontation your job is to kill the bad guy and a modern rifle of this type will do the job if you do yours, but again this type of weapon is specialized and requires a level of dedication to master.

Now Marxist states such as California have made owning these types of weapons impossible so people [with the necessary skills and training] will have to rely on their own common sense in determining how to respond to what are obviously abridgments to the Second Amendment. Semi auto hunting rifles will fill the bill but not provide nearly the same firepower. In that case one might consider a lever action Marlin, Winchester or any of the imported replicas chambered in a pistol round which would provide a decent reserve of ammo at the ready. These are actually great weapons, just avoid rifle cartridges such as the 30-30, they are too powerful for use in residential areas and still carry quite a bit of recoil since lever guns are so light.

15. Next to last point you need ammunition - lots of it - because without it you have a club of limited effectiveness. If you have gone the .22 pistol route, great, but be advised that .22s by their very nature are kind of persnickety, but much less so in a revolver than a semi auto. Buy a couple boxes of ammo to make sure u have a combination that works and works every time u pull the trigger.

16. Final point, how much ammo do u need. We recommend at absolute bare minimum at 500 rounds for every weapon, shotguns excepted where a case of 250 might suffice [we still strongly prefer the minimum of 500]. This is your basic stock, your stash and you will need to purchase more than this for the numerous practice sessions required to become competent. We suggest you regularly purchase ammo, you never know when it will become unavailable and if the social structure starts looking creaky don’t get caught short. There are periodic ammo shortages, something to be very aware of. If you can afford 1,000 rounds for each weapon you are starting to get into the correct mindset.

For ammunition don’t pay retail store list prices, we suggest using an Internet source such as www.midwayusa.com one of the most reputable companies in the field, which will provide expert tech assistance free, just ask for it. It’s a huge but family run business and has contributed millions to the NRA and other firearms related organizations and programs.

One more word about ammunition, which is very important. It comes in a withering array of configurations, bullet type/design, weight of the projectile and velocities.

There is inexpensive practice ammo and then there is the good stuff, which is reserved for self defense. There’s a huge difference. For practice buy in bulk but when things turn ugly use what law enforcement uses, Federal brand Hydra Shoks or Speer Gold Dots, there are others, again ask your supplier but don’t skimp here and by all means occasionally shoot a box of the good stuff, it will likely be loaded a little hotter than range fodder and it’s good to know what will happen if you ever have to pull the trigger in a real-time defensive situation. For “simple” home defense the good stuff is what you must absolutely use and the ammo that should be in all of your weapons. In an extended emergency, ammo is ammo, load up, say your prayers and become a lion.

Yes the investment in time and money is substantial, but keep in mind that ultimately it’s your responsibility to protect your family, how much are their lives worth?

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