How to Lose a Civilization: 5 Year Sentence For UK ISIS Preacher Anjem Choudary

September 8, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – Anjem Choudary, a supremely dangerous and hateful British Islamic preacher who has dedicated his life to promoting jihad - after nearly a year of incarceration - has finally had his day in court…

Earlier this week the imam was convicted of giving aid and comfort to ISIS, having pledged his loyalty [the bayat] to the rapacious Islamic group.

CNN’s view on the matter:

“He was pictured at a protest withMichael Adebolajo, later convicted of the violent murder of British soldier Lee Rigby, and he was linked to Siddhartha Dhar, suspected by authorities of replacing Jihadi John as ISIS executioner.

Too old really to be of much use in actual kinetic warfare, Choudary instead stepped up his subversive/revolutionary Islamic activities, noting that, "Sometimes the propaganda and the verbal jihad is even stronger than the jihad of the sword…” [source, Bryony Jones, Britain's 'most hated man,' Anjem Choudary, jailed for ISIS support ]

Unfortunately, he will only serve about 5 years behind bars. During that time he will undoubtedly use his considerable skills to recruit ISIS mujahideen drawing from the dregs of British society, many of whom are Muslim making them prime targets for such a message.

To someone like Choudary putting him in a closed institutional setting with a genuinely captive audience is akin to giving a child the keys to the candy store. The man is smart, a gifted manipulator, thoroughly unapologetic and has the type of street cred that will naturally draw criminal types to him.

Easy pickings…

Choudary, of Pakistani lineage though born in Britain, is probably the most well known, influential supporter of Islamic terrorism that the UK has yet produced. For the last30 years he has tirelessly spread the virulent ideology of Islamic jihad…at which he has been quite successful. For example, in the late 1980s he co-founded [along with Omar Bakri Muhammed, who fled the country to Lebanon] the now banned terror organization Al-Muhajiroun and then its spinoff, Islam4UK [now also banned].

Choudary represent a clear and present danger to the UK since his ties to the Sunni/Wahhabist/Salafist terror network are numerous and beyond question.

According to Discover the Networks:

"Choudary in 1999 was chief recruiter in Great Britain for the International Islamic Front (IIF), a group persuading and assisting young British Muslims to undergo “guns and live ammunition” combat training and then go overseas to fight Jihad (“Holy War”) in Chechnya and the Balkans. The head and chief sponsor of IIF in England was the founder of Al Muhajiroun,Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad. Osama bin Laden in 1998 issued a fatwa that declared it a Muslim’s “individual duty” to kill Americans and he created a new organization called the International (or World) Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. Sheikh Bakri Mohammad described himself as the head of the “political wing” of IIF with no “structural link” to bin Laden, according to the India newspaper Indian Express, but the Sheikh acknowledged that “the military wing of the International Islamic Front is run by Osama bin Laden.” [source, Anjem Choudary, Discover the Networks]

While finally holding Choudary to account is commendable, considering the nature of his offenses – providing aid and comfort - to a group which has lifted sadism to an art-form, his sentence is a parody of jurisprudence.

Pledging allegiance to ISIS means something, it’s an act of war. As a result Choudary should be treated as an irregular operating clandestinely behind “enemy” lines, an insurgent guerilla, to whom the strictures of the Geneva Convention have no applicability…he being a terrorist.

Britain long ago gave up any pretense of real justice when it not only banned the death penalty but took the extra step of proscribing extraditing prisoners to countries which still believe in the eye-for-an-eye-tooth-for-a-tooth approach, oddly many of which are Middle Eastern Shari’a theocracies.

Though a death sentence, quickly and brutally administered…hanging or the firing squad would be our preference [this rightly being a military case] would probably fail to dissuade all but the most timid jihadist, it would send a signal not only to the Continent, but to citizens of West that we will not surrender to Islamic expansionism.

With the entire civilized world under siege, such a move would be more than symbolic. It could not help but provide a much needed shot of confidence to the rapidly flagging spirit of those attempting defend the edifice from which freedom and liberty flows.

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