Marxist Street Thugs Telegraphing Obama Election Putsch?


September 2, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – As we noted earlier this year [see, The Fire This Summer – Revolution in America and “Democracy Spring Profiles: 99 Rise] the progressive/Marxist left has spent the better part of a year preparing a “plan of action” to destabilize the United States by disrupting the 2016 presidential election, to be followed by its version of a “people’s democratic election,” you know the kind they hold in Iran.

The group Democracy Now seems to be among the organizations taking the lead, joined by a coalition of similarly minded totalitarian/collectivist groups, some most likely with very few if any real members.

The minor league lefties’ strategy can be encapsulated as follows, taken from a group called 99 Rise, a coalition partner with Democracy Summer [DS], but one which largely mirrors the DS blueprint, often word for word:


Phase I - Present - April 2016

Build the movement through forming teams, doing trainings, and developing leaders. Promote the Grand Strategy and articulate a reform agenda to establish political equality for all.

Phase II - April 2016 - September 2016

Intervene in the 2016 elections through mass civil disobedience to create a national crisis and a popular mandate for fundamental reform.

Phase III - September 2016 - December 2016

Mobilize voters to elect representatives and a President committed to enact the mandate. Unite the movement around the reform agenda.

Phase IV - January 2017 - December 2017

Demand that Congress, the President, and state legislatures honor the mandate and enact the reform agenda by a specified deadline. Escalate to mass civil disobedience and noncooperation if the demand is not met on time.

Phase V - January 2017 - November 2018

Monitor and enforce implementation of the reform agenda, through further escalation if necessary.”

If you know who Stalin was, the above should sound more than familiar…

So our readers don’t have to read this garbage, we do and the most recent Democracy Spring missive states:

“We are just nine days away from our first-ever National Training, where over 100 volunteer leaders from across the country will come together to learn how to spread this essential fight for democracy nationwide. Our volunteer organizers will be heading home to their cities and communities to help lead local trainings and to organize powerful nonviolent direct actions disrupting candidates who fail to commit to fundamental reforms that would fix our broken political system. Our goal is simple, ambitious, and necessary: make this the last corrupt election in US history.

How? By executing a five-phase Grand Strategy that is designed to get us from where we are to where we want to go: free and fair elections by 2018…”

Regardless, given our most recent report Obama’s Plan to Steal the Election, these JV league provocateurs might simply be expressing a ghostly portent of the real operation, which is being run out of the White House…now actively considering intervening in the November election under the absurd justification that it’s a national security issue and hence falls within the purview of Jeh Johnson’s corrupt, entirely ineffective Department of Homeland Security [thanks GW, another of your great ideas].

On August 3, Johnson attempted to justify such a power grab at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast event:

“There's a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure…We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid…There's no one federal election system. There are some 9,000 jurisdictions involved in the election process…"

Though clearly unconstitutional, as under Article I, Sec IV of the Constitution, federal elections are the purview of the states; the WH seems to be doubling down on the prospect with spokesmen indicating that “active” discussions are ongoing – albeit under the false flag of an alleged “Russian hack” into some of the voting architecture.

That this group of incompetent but very dangerous ideologues can - with a straight face - even float such an idea is amazing since Team Obama’s federal data network is the security equivalent of Swiss cheese, having been compromised tens of thousands of times [in a brief example, the IRS, OMB, Pentagon, DHS - 800 times! – systems have all suffered major breaches] during his presidency and to our knowledge no one of consequence has been prosecuted, though fingers have been pointed at the demon of the day be it North Korea, the ChiComs, Russia, East European, Obama’s pen-pals in Iran, Guccifer 2.0 himself, even Israel as being culpable.

But simply because this team of misfits, bully-boys, zealots and the Alinskyite leader of the pack CIC Obama, can’t even protect genuinely vital information from cyber attack right now hasn’t dissuaded them from suggesting that only DC can “secure” the integrity of the upcoming election.

Circling back to Democracy Summer, with less than 70 days until one of the most important elections in U.S. history [in our opinion exceeded in gravity only by the election of 1796 when George Washington became the first chief of state of a major nation to cede power peacefully upon a democratic vote, and that of 1860 which fortuitously placed Abraham Lincoln as CIC] is now headed towards a “national training” hoping to bring its disruptive plans to fruition.

Though such bravado is the height of foolishness - these clowns having proven themselves incapable of even causing minor glitches in either the GOP or DNC conventions - their thinking is intriguing since they and President Obama are ideological kindred spirits and Team O is on the move.

Though we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s still the stuff of wonderment that all of this has gone almost entirely under the radar. No coverage in the media, no feverish statements by members of Congress, nada, nothing, though candidate Trump has alluded to it once or twice but not specifically in these stark terms.

It’s not so much that we fear a full blown, typically ham-fisted effort by the hapless DHS to somehow nationalize control of the elections, but rather that the American intel community - which along with the military has done nothing to resist Obama’s imperial vision - genuinely has the power to seriously affect the election.

Here we are primarily referring to the National Security Agency which already had the capability back during the [William Jefferson] Clinton administration [via project Echelon] to grab nearly all global electronic communication.

In the ensuing 20 years NSA and its allied [DIA, CIA etc.] agencies have grown vastly more capable in this capacity.

Given the Snowden revelations, we absolutely know that no civilian – and much non civilian - communication can be considered secure if NSA and the various subcomponents of the U.S. spy network are ordered to intervene.

What is genuinely scary is the lack of whistle blowers at the federal level, again with the singular exception of Snowden, who spilled enough of the beans for anyone to piece the rest together.

More darkly, it used to be a standard, reassuring certainty among most members of the right that if it came down to martial law being invoked that American soldiers would never fire on American citizens.

Under Hussein Obama, we are no longer by any means sure of that.

No disrespect intended towards our Armed Forces – whose service in defense of the United States is the stuff of legend, for which we are eternally grateful - but anyone who has examined what has gone on during the last 7 plus years, the purges, threats, blackmail and general cultural manipulation and intimidation knows that a genuine sense of fear permeates the Pentagon and military command hierarchy which has been cowed into silent obedience…and hence our concern.

Since this is part of a running commentary we will leave it here for now, but will report further when facts warrant it.

We urge our readers to not take this lightly, as the stakes in November haven’t been this high since 1860 and we all know what happened in the ensuing 4 year period…from our vantage point we can almost literally still smell the blood that was shed by both sides during America’s most tragic conflict.

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