Corruption Inc: #Anonymous Demolishes Hillary Clinton

October 15, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – No need for much of a preface, this compilation was put together by the hacker collective, #Anonymous and deals with Hillary Clinton’s illegal behavior over a period spanning more than three decades.

Even for those who lived through Bill Clinton's two terms, this video contains information that you might have forgotten. For those too young at the time, or simply not born yet, this is the real Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has a 30 plus year history of felonious behavior that only the high offices occupied by her husband, first as Governor of Arkansas and next as President of the United State, could have protected her from certain prosecution and likely incarceration.

Throughout this long period of criminality the American media has been a willing co-conspirator, rising to her defense, shielding her from damaging information and actually working with her various teams to plant fraudulent news items favorable to her or damaging to her enemies.

We challenge you to watch this through till the end and not vote for Donald J. Trump.

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