Former House Intel Committee Chair Mike Rogers Booted From Team Trump

November 15, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – Mike Rogers, the former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee has been jettisoned from the Trump transition team.

“Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has left President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team amid a major shuffle and power consolidation that has pushed out multiple key figures.” [source, Damian Paletta and Carol E. Lee, Mike Rogers Leaves Trump Transition Team , Wall St. Journal]

There is a lot more to this story than the WSJ lets on and the fact that publication seems to be of the opinion that Rogers was an asset to Trump gives us all the more reason to be thankful that this corrupt, ass-covering former pol appears to be gone.

Why the critical opinion of Rogers?

Easy, he was a key figure in the Benghazi cover-up.

“When Rogers’s committee finally heard in a closed session last year from the CIA contractors who responded on the evening of the attacks, Rogers downplayed their testimony in interviews. On Fox News he said he did not believe the CIA was stonewalling his committee, as others had alleged.” [source, Eli Lake, New Benghazi Investigation Spooks GOP Leadership, The Daily Beast]

And, a little more pointedly, the following from Trey Gowdy:

“You don’t issue a final definitive report without interviewing the eyewitnesses,” Gowdy said. “He didn’t interview eyewitnesses. He didn’t even interview the guy that we found that told us who evacuated our folks with the annex.” [Josh Feldman, Gowdy Tears Into the Credibility of Another GOP-Led Benghazi Committee Report, Mediaite]

Though this statement by Gowdy is spot on, the Congressman himself has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do regarding his own Benghazi investigation. We still are amazed that that despite 13 hours of testimony, he refused to apply the thumb screws to Hillary Clinton, allowing her to totally skate. This was capped by him incomprehensibly declaring that his investigation “was not about Hillary’s emails” which remains one of the dumbest comments to come out of the 113 th Congress.

Not about the emails, let that sink in, was Hillary perhaps communicating with Chris Stevens via carrier pigeon or telegraph?

The mind reels…

Compounding that non-action, high-horse Gowdy also failed to even broach the central topic about which the Benghazi tragedy revolved, what was the U.S. doing in that godforsaken snake pit, Libya?

Actually, Gowdy and Rogers can be grouped together with the rest of the House GOP Leadership who wanted no part of a real investigation into the matter because they all knew about or strongly suspected - Congressmen do talk to each other - what was going on in Libya. Some had been briefed in detail as to Team Obama and Hillary’s hare-brained scheme to arm Sunni jihadist, anti-Gaddafi Libyan “rebels” while using that country as a point from which arms were transshipped to Wahhabist Sunni jihadists in Syria. It’s hard to imagine a more potent form of blackmail.

Rogers stands however stands alone in his chicanery as he appears to have been personally implicated in the details of the Libyan operation:

“[regarding Obama and Benghazi]…there are other players in the drama as well, including Rep. Rogers, and possibly…a private military contracting firm that until recently was run by his wife, Kristi Rogers...[who]…after years of government service in mid-level administrative positions, moved to the private sector, joining the British-based security contractor Aegis Defense Services to help open its U.S. subsidiary…’Aegis has been operating in Libya since February 2011,’ noted an Aegis Advisory intelligence report aimed at corporate clients. The report, marked ‘Confidential,’ notes the company’s ability to provide ‘proprietary information [and] expert knowledge from our country team based in Tripoli…Aegis has extensive links in Libya which can be leveraged quickly to ensure safe passage’…Aegis declined to respond to Judicial Watch’s questions about Libyan border security contracts.” [source, Micah Morrison, Unraveling Benghazi: Is Mike Rogers Part Of The Problem? , The Daily Caller]

So egregious were the actions of Rogers - the ultimate insider - that he abruptly halted his re-election bid and conveniently “retired” from Congress, which of course given the nature of how that legislative body protects its own, ended the matter, nothing to see here.

Though it’s probably unnecessary to reiterate, we are very glad that Rogers is gone from Team Trump’s transition and we hope this signals his complete disengagement from the incoming administration.

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