Marxist Coven MoveOn Organizing For Street Warfare

November 11, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - –, the Marxist collective headquartered in Berkeley, CA and funded by the likes of George Soros and other anti-American crony capitalists, has rejected Tuesday’s election results because their side got crushed and is now working with a host of similarly motivated hard left activist groups across the nation to foment civil unrest under the guise of “defending” “their” communities.

From the organization’s most recent email:

“Dear MoveOn member,

Our hearts are broken. We're being flooded with gleeful right-wing hate mail.

Our team is exhausted to the bone.

But you know what?

MoveOn's most important mission ever - one we hoped we'd never face - starts now. And we're getting right to work…We launched our first campaign in this new era with massive peaceful protests last night, in partnership with many allies - showing clearly that while Trump eked out an Electoral College win, he faces sweeping, energized, and determined opposition.

We'll need to help fuel a mass movement that's almost unprecedented in modern memory - one that's capable of stopping the incoming Trump administration and its allies in Congress from upending the fundamental values of inclusion and diversity that have made our country strong.

We'll need the sharpest legal and procedural strategies available - which means starting research, consulting with relevant experts, and planning with key allies inside Congress and those who have served in the executive branch.”

Of course MoveOn has no respect for the rule of law and is an enemy of the ideas embodied in the Western republican democracies, which is why, after having lost the election; they are now taking to the streets.

We urge our readers to keep their guard up and stay in “condition red,” remaining vigilant and ready to defend themselves and their families as the protests which are already occurring, start growing in intensity and violence now that the “progressive” Democrats have nothing to lose.

Do not be fooled by Obama’s pledge of “support” for the transition process as Team Trump comes to town. It’s just another ploy by the thuggish lame duck president as he moves into full time social agitation now that his gig at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is finally winding down.

Towards that end Obama has already placed a long term lease on one of the largest homes in the DC area - which has the capacity of housing 10 vehicles at a time – which will become his base of operations as he and his billionaire friends move to achieve their ultimate goal, destabilizing the United States.

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