Election Special - The Marxist Democrat Campaign: One Contiguous PSYOP


November 7, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Well, well…here we are engaged in one of the 3 most important elections in United States history [the others being the election of 1796 [John Adams, peaceful transfer of power in a major nation state] and 1860 [Abraham Lincoln, that Civil War thing] and the legacy media are scurrying around like RATS in heat.

Judged by their behavior it’s hard not to conclude that major elements of psychopathology are at work here. They’re scared beyond all measure, seeing conspiracies wrapped within dark deals and hearing voices that are nowhere in evidence.

From our perspective the word schadenfreude immediately comes to mind, we are truly delighting in their frenetic discombobulation.

But what about the campaign itself, can we draw any lessons that will help the alt-Right in future battles as we inexorably proceed towards a goal that is non-negotiable - the destruction of the modern Democrat party?

They answer to that query is affirmative and the lesson is UUuuuuuge, though possibly not so obvious to many.

Question: Why does is seem that this campaign has been ongoing since Moses parted the Red Sea?

Answer: Because that is very nearly true…allow me to ‘splain.

Among the movers and shakers in society, political campaigns never really begin, nor do they end. It’s an ongoing process driven by a number of factors too numerous to list here with the exception of the observation that the underlying consideration is a constant, remaining in power. This is so because in a Western democracy politics is a huge component in keeping the elite where they need to be, at precisely the point in a transaction where the money is exchanged.

Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with this as it’s certainly better than extortion at the point of a Colt .45, which lacks, among other things, a bit of subtlety. Since these matters are largely decided via the institution of elections, they become central to understanding how the “swells” can continue to afford their Mercedes SLCs.

So what has made the 2016 presidential election unique?

It’s the first election, and perhaps last that has been so transparent…in a very odd way.

It was probably preordained that this type of political contest would eventually occur with the stars in such a fortuitous alignment as to render the entire affair visible in high-res 3D.

What has largely made that possible might be called Gutenberg’s curse, the natural evolution of movable type printing into today’s reality, an all encompassing digital universe of communication.

The unexpected maturing of this process at this critical time in history has allowed the intrepid [hand raised rather high] to tread in spaces that heretofore never existed, with the WikiLeaks phenomenon being proto-typical as to the nature of what might be called primary drivers.

Now if you don’t know who Julian Assange is or what he has been up to since 2006 you might want to tune out and get back to doing something productive, perhaps watching reruns of The Really…Really Bitchy Wives of Beverly Hills or something on that order…look poor Chelsea is snorting heroin again…


The organization that Assange brilliantly created, a collective really, might be thought of as the tool of a new kind of targeted anarchy, its use subject only to the judgment of its principal, who so far has used his political Semtex - to the surprise of many, myself included - more as a scalpel than as a battle axe - regardless, it has had a profound and lasting effect.

The ability and mental restraint to juggle the equivalent of nuclear weapons is not a trait with which many are blessed [or cursed as the case may be] as it collides with, and then runs over the age old truism that absolute power eventually corrupts all, so far Assange has been able to control the Genie he created.

Why Assange decided to take his chainsaw - with such obvious malice - to the zombie political party headed by the Obama/Clinton nexus is a question which might never really be answered. My guess is that though Assange is perceived to be a man of the left, he is a far more complex and interesting individual who has been gifted with the ability to peer through the cloak of the Democrat party and see it for what it is, leftist in hazy definition but Fascistic at its heart.

[Clarification, unfortunately there isn’t enough space in this essay to develop a meaningful exposition of “leftist” Marxism vs. “rightist” Fascism. The author is fully aware that they are brother totalitarian ideologies that differ only slightly in form. The point being that since Assange sees the modern Democrat party as Fascistic in nature [with the classical attributes of racialism, a command structure dictated by a coterie of crony capitalists and an imperial need to expand the empire militarily] he has gone after them as only a very, very bright electronic warrior would, to hack them open and then put the guts and gore on public display.]

What WikiLeaks has done is to expose the private, internal communication of some of the most powerful political figures in the Western world, thus proving their total corruption.

Individually these little snippets of intrigue, back-stabbing, influence peddling, scheming and other conspiracies present what are fascinating mini-reality shows in and of themselves, but it is only when taken as a whole that the true picture of the American political structure emerges and in its own way it’s just about as ugly as anything that ISIS can dish out.

Upon tens of thousands of leaked formerly internal emails a distinct picture of the Democrat campaign emerges and the watchword here is PSYOP, political/ideological warfare based upon psychological principles.

In this world everything is smoke and mirrors, bait and switch, misdirection, false flags and the like…nothing is what it appears…by intent.

What any opposition movement must learn from this is profound:

The Democrat party is the sum total of the ruling elite: crony capitalist billionaires [George Soros, Tom Steyer], Wall Street/business biggies [Goldman Sachs, Donald Sussman] some of the heavy hitters in the defense industry [Boeing], Hollywood moguls [Stephen Bing, Haim Saban], the Edutocracy which has turned American educational institutions into factories of hatred, the left’s firewall, the judiciary, the Obama administration and of course the legacy media in its entirety.

Yes folks this includes Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the constellation of small circulation “conservative” publications [which never seem to make a profit for some reason] such as National Review, panty waist prognosticators such as George Will, the Dr. Strangelovian character [and former Mondale speech scribbler] Charles Krauthammer, a coterie of I95 based traditionally Republican think tanks…and so much more.

As a group these are the people and institutions which create America’s contribution to Western culture and all of them find expression to a greater or lesser extent in the media which drives the gestalt of the country, especially now that the content as well as the medium itself it is an unavoidable electronic morass of propagandized information.

In any parlance, jousting with “everything that has claws” is a rather daunting proposition.

What the Assange/WikiLeaks deluge has spectacularly revealed is the massive collusion between the Dem funders and the media in this cycle, churning out a non-stop stream of largely concocted invective against Donald Trump. Added to this is the truly odd reality that though “the Donald” is nominally the GOP nominee, the party leadership with the exception of RNC Chair Reince Preibus has publicly rejected him and is strongly pro-Hillary.

So what is it about Trump that inspires abject fear within the political establishment?

The answer is simple; he is the first genuine outsider ever to run as a major party candidate. It stands to reason then that his election would imperil EVERYTHING…the establishment’s very way of life.

This merging of big capital and big media to battle Trump has produced the most potent iteration of Goebbels “big lie,” yet fielded.

When the campaign turned serious as the contestants were finally determined [not that Hillary’s candidacy was ever in doubt] the media did something unprecedented in modern journo. It stepped from behind its traditional claimed lack of bias, declaring itself the anointed voice of some inky god and came after the GOP candidate with a fury not seen within our lifetime.

As the NY Times’ Jim Rutenberg penned:

“If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional. That’s uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, nonopinion journalist I’ve ever known, and by normal standards, untenable.” [source, Fox]

As is always the case with such statements, they must be parsed and/or decoded for non-journos because what he was really saying was clear as hell; though we’ve never been fair, considering the threat this time which is from “the outer world,” we have the moral duty to simply make shit up, slash, burn and pillage, employ whatever means necessary because this man must be stopped.

If you need to burn the village down in order to save it, we’ve got the matches.

But, and it’s a big one, this decision was made long before Trump became the target, perhaps as long as two years ago as the media secretly coordinated a campaign of incipient character assassination with their masters in the Democrat establishment, designed to destroy whomever eventually rose to oppose the queen of corruption and political evil, Hillary Rodham Clinton who could not possibly engage in a campaign of ideas since she has about as many as she has accomplishments, which is to say none.

To kick this massive operation into gear, the fires of a mini-revolution were ignited by the scabrous likes of George Soros and fanned by Obama, loosing a crazed little racist army called Black Lives Matter, which thought nothing of torching several large American cities in order to establish false narratives favorable to the Dems. This also had the calculated effect of deflecting the heat away from the candidate whose scandals are so numerous that they couldn’t be contained, figuratively, even within the confines of the University of Michigan’s cavernous stadium.

Big time journos shopped ideas, submitted story lines to DNC types for approval and if need be massaged the text to be in compliance with the guiding hand of Hillary’s handlers. Gotcha debate questions were solicited from the party, bimbos were paid off in various ways and secreted away like silo based ICBMs primed and ready to go at the appointed hour.

Since Hillary and felony are synonymous, legal consideration were of utmost concern, so Obama acting in a manner which is entirely ahistorical and unprecedented, placed the entire power and authority of the federal government in service of her campaign.

He did this not out of any sense of loyalty to his former Secretary of State [hey how did that work out?] but rather to prevent the undoing of his deconstructive transformation of America, his rancid legacy.

In furtherance of this plan, the most pressing agenda item was to quash any potential prosecution of Hillary’s basket of felonies, which DOJ handled in a manner so in-your-face that even seasoned observers of the process were left slack-jawed.

Pay no attention to that bony-fingered old pervert BJ just happening to run into Loretta Lynch in some obscure airplane hangar, that kind of thing happens all the time.

Not to be outdone in calming the rocking boat, the above referenced GOP leadership, after much faux righteous pestering finally agreed to multiple investigations into Clinton’s misdeeds. But this was only done upon the understanding that “no true bill’ would be returned. The committees were led by the most unctuous and duplicitous toadies imaginable such as Trey Gowdy who seemed more concerned about how to manage the silver possum sitting astride his pate than actually going for the kill shot.

As a result, subpoenas were ignored, witnesses refused to testify [or were threatened and/or blackmailed into silence], others simply took the Fifth to avoid incrimination, obstruction was taken to the level of a high art form and ALL of this was allowed to happen without consequence.

The hideously bad kabuki this represented was simply another manifestation of the GOP establishment - who finally had Hillary dead-to-rights - dissing its base, in effect telling its supporters, “hey thanks for the campaign cash and the votes, now go fuck yourselves.”

And finally…and you thought I would never get there…is the matter of Mr. James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who despite his 6’ 8” stature cast a truly Lilliputian shadow and he danced gracelessly in a pink tutu, lurching in and out of synch to Lynch and Obama’s thuggish hip-hop - drop a cop - boom box.

Comey’s a punk, a requirement to be a member of Team O. The thought of him ever, in his dreams, in the privacy of his hollow confessional, at any time or place ever prosecuting Hillary was so outlandish it was only our desire to see justice done that caused some of us for the briefest of moments to believe he would do the right thing.

Fact, Comey wouldn’t know the right thing if it bit his subpoena…

So the entire Democrat campaign has been one giant psyop intricately designed to dismantle, dispirit and misdirect - up, down, left, right, over here, yonder over there, no it’s behind you.

But, but, but…whatever happened to the news?

You know Benghazi, scrubbed servers, funding of violence against the opposition, the wars, body counts, the 94 million plus American not working, ghastly crimes being committed by illegal aliens, Syrian rapeugees being planted in predominantly white [and hence law abiding and peaceful] conservative communities, contrived racial strife, our increasingly Orwellian college campuses, biological boys being legally encouraged to shower with your daughters…and the WikiLeaks, the WikiLeaks, the WikiLeaks…Wolfie feeding debate questions to the Majik Christian Donna Brazille, John Harwood, wearing kneepads, servicing his DNC keepers, and on and on and on…

It’s all been disappeared, leaving the National Enquirer the last remaining national newspaper of record.

Since I just finished writing a book [you really should check it out if any of the above have whet your appetite - Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West ] and have no intention of this turning into another one, it’s well past time to start wrapping this flounder.

The enemy the Donald has admirably picked a fight with is a modern-day Goliath backed by an army of Philistines whose numbers are legion. Certainly it’s an uphill battle, but one which has to be contested. Trump has come at the bad guys in a refreshingly non GOP manner…who could ever imagine any standard issue dorky Republican politician telling Hillary on national television in front of 40 million viewers that he was going to put her in jail?

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff of legend, it’s the fire that rekindled a movement that had laid dormant since the GOP raped and then kicked the Tea Party to death. This movement…OUR movement…win or lose will not simply go away, people have had their eyes opened - when was the last time that a GOPer spoke to crowds that seldom numbered less than ten-thousand?


So fear not, it’s taken a century and a half of constant subversion to get us to this tawdry place in history. Lady Liberty though wounded still proudly stands. Most importantly, America remains the globe’s only truly bold, noble and revolutionary proposition.

The spirit of this nation is just that, an idea that cannot possibly perish as long as any of us continue to hold the flame of freedom, liberty and true equality dear.

So…to the barricades, if necessary leave it on the battlefield; this is a war of attrition, no one gets out of here alive anyway and there are more of us than there are of them.

Above all, we have our secret weapon, never doubt that though the Big Guy is on our side, it’s still our fight. Therefore go ye forth as lions…you have nothing to lose but your chains.

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