Quick Thoughts On SPLC Adding Maajid Nawaz To Its “Islamophobe” Directory


November 4, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Since we have always considered “Muslim reformer” Maajid Nawaz to be a fraud [and have so written for nearly a decade, for example Why Is Anyone Listening To Maajid Nawaz? - Another former terrorist hits the anti-jihad rubber chicken circuit and Part II - Why Is Anyone Still Listening to Maajid Nawaz?] we never imagined that this admittedly smooth talking, urbane charlatan would ever be taken seriously enough to be of much concern outside the world of “in the weeds” national security professionals who understandably parse everything of this nature as would an ancient shaman, reading goat entrails.

So we were completely caught off guard when the leftist establishment’s censorious anti-First Amendment bully-boy, the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the nominally Muslim Nawaz as an Islamophobe, joining a truly brave group of anti-jihadists such as Daniel Pipes, Steven Emerson, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, David Yerushalmi and others.

As to Nawaz, we take him at his word, that he actually does consider himself a Muslim though he admittedly isn’t exactly an archetype for the belief system having been busted in UK lap dancing emporiums, drinking alcohol etc., all of which are anathema to the Shari’a.

So what is going on here?

We offer two possible explanations:

1. The people running the SPLC, though truly malicious are complete morons, not being able to see through Nawaz’ silly self-aggrandizing claim of being an “Islamic reformer” [a term which we consider self-contradictory, as the idea of Islam ever reforming itself is a pipe dream…one most likely filled with grade “A” cannabis, as normative Islam is inherently and at a molecular level jihadistic by necessity] a monumental error in judgment which landed him on the dreaded “list.”

We don’t find this argument very convincing as the SPLC didn’t get to where it is with its huge treasure chest via stupidity, i.e. they know a fraud when they see one, needing only to look in the mirror for confirmatory evidence.

2. No, there is something more nefarious here at work which makes total sense in SPLC’s [and the Marxist left’s] overall strategy. They know Nawaz is a huckster who is merely using his media connections with other dull wits to line his pockets.

We believe that SPLC took this action to further Nawaz’ ruse, thus essentially having one of their own on the inside so to speak, greatly embellishing his credentials.

Now every time this lying grifter takes to the stage to lecture about the wonders of a “peaceful” yet authentic Islam [speaking of oxymorons] his CV will have been burnished by the faux condemnation by the SPLC.

Concluding note: We have never been able to understand why anyone would really give a rat’s ass about being labeled as an Islamophobe by the SPLC. The organization made its bones half a century ago and continues to operate under that chimera despite its current iteration being the organizational equivalent of Benedict Arnold, who was at one time a genuine patriot…that is before he went rogue and became a traitor.

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