Celebrating Historic Victories over Jihadist Islam: The Battle of Niš

By SHAWN STEEL, CA National Committeeman, RNC

November 3, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – 543 years ago today, the Crusade of Varna engaged Muslim Ottoman Turkish forces at Niš [then called Nish] in what is now Serbia, part of the Balkans.

The date was November 3, 1443 and the Christian forces, led by Janos [John] Hunyadi, an influential Hungarian leader, captured the jihadist stronghold of Nish, in the process decimating three Islamic armies.

The battle was part of Hunyadi's larger series of battles known as the “Long Campaign.” Hunyadi, leading his expeditionary force, entered the area through a mountain pass called the Gate of Trajan whereupon he wrested Nish from the defending Muslim armies

He then proceeded to take the seat of the local Ottoman power, Sofia and in due course then successfully engaged Murad II at Kustinitza.

Hunyadi was recognized as one of Eastern Europe’s most effective military leaders of that time period, fielding a kind of hybrid army consisting of a tough core of professional soldiers augmented by a contingent of local peasants, all of whom were intent upon driving the barbarian Ottomans from their homelands.

The series of battles remains iconic to the degree that the bells of Catholic and older Protestant churches in the area are still rung daily at noon to commemorate Hunyadi’s victory.

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