MoveOn Commies Freaking At Prospect Of Trump Victory

November 2, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – The latest from the Marxist bund in Berkeley…

“Dear MoveOn member,

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll out today shows Donald Trump tied with Clinton nationally. Yesterday, the poll actually showed Trump up by 1 point - a first since May and a "sharp turnaround from a large Clinton lead" just one week ago. The race is now ‘exceedingly close.’

…expert Nate Silver's forecast also shows Donald Trump's chances surging over the past week…This latest polling is alarming, to say the least…Trump won the most primary votes of any Republican presidential candidate in history. And now, polls show that his supporters are more enthusiastic and committed to voting than Clinton's…”

Too bad…so sad…next time don’t pick a criminal.

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