Happy Veteran’s Day! Iran NOT Iraq Ready to “Re-Take” Fallujah


May 30, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLinenews.org – With Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian strong-man who leads the country’s Quds Force [who, by-the-way essentially runs the terror state’s foreign policy] on the ground and directing operations, if Fallujah is “liberated” from the hands of ISIS, it will certainly not be due to Iraq’s ISF, a cowardly, incompetent group of pretend soldiers whose specialty is fleeing the scene of battle while leaving behind millions of dollars worth of U.S. supplied state-of-the-art hardware.

Actually, Fallujah has already been liberated twice by U.S. forces [who fought as American soldiers always have, ferociously] during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Reclaiming Fallujah came at a terrible cost in American lives and suffering. All of which, of course has gone for naught as Obama abandoned Iraq immediately upon taking office, and therefore, the blood [at least 125 KIA and another 700 seriously wounded] is on Barry’s hands.

Now Iranian soldiers, their Shia militia allies, the Kurds and finally the ineffectual ISF are poised to “root out” the majority Sunni ISIS stronghold, one which we note maintains a great deal of antipathy towards the Abadi government, which itself is under siege by Muqtada al-Sadr, who is quite friendly with Iran.

For cosmetic purposes, Mr. “thin shoulders” in the WH will supply some token air support and there are U.S. advisors on the ground. Their close proximity to Iranian personnel [we are unaware if there is any level of coordination between the two] is nearly as troubling as is Obama’s refusal to actually defeat ISIS, starting by leveling Raqqa – its headquarters - to the ground.

Since Iraq is already an Iranian vassal state, the outcome of the upcoming battle, assuming there genuinely is one, means little strategically, except in the possible sense that the ISF’s morale, such as it is, might possibly improve if there is indeed anything approaching victory.

What we fear however is a repeat of the “liberation” of Ramadi, late in 2015 where after 7 months of preparation by the overwhelmingly superior [numerically and in the quality and number of weapons] combined forces of the ISF, along with the usual Iranian suspects, left the city in rubble, awarding victory to ISIS on the theory that if they couldn’t hold the city, they would fight until it was destroyed.

How America’s soldiers maintain such a high level of esprit-de-corps in the face of a traitorous CIC is testament to the character and inner courage of all who have ever worn the uniform of the United States.

Note to the NeverTrumpists, if you seriously think there’s no difference between Hillary and The Donald policywise, the coming bloodbath in Fallujah will be repeated a hundred-fold if you continue to oppose your alleged party’s nominee.

In that sense, the blood will be on your hands Mssrs. Romney, Geraghty, Lowry, Krauthammer, Kristol et al., not that we think you really give a flying fuck.

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